New telephone connection (NTC): for use as New Telephone Connection (NTC). Casual/Temporary Connections for short period: Sanctioned for requirement of purely temporary nature. Sanction is given for six months at a time extendable upto 2/4 years by the competent authority. No waiting list is maintained. To be applied on plain paper at Area Customer Service Centre.

1. New telephone connection (NTC): Attractive tariff plans suiting the need of customers are given below:

1.1 Tariff Plan:

Plan Monthly Service Charges (Rs)  Free Calls  Call Charges Per minute
Promo 200 (Swipe Plan for Credit Card) 200 Nil Rs. 0.40 per 60 Sec.
2. Landline Tariff Plan:

Plan Monthly Service Charges (Rs) Free calls on MTNL N/W (Onnet) Free Calls on other N/W (Offnet) Offnet Call Charges Per pulse (beyond free calls)
One India 300 MTNL N/w (Delhi+ Mumbai) free 30 calls Rs. 1/-
Freedom 495        650 MTNL N/w (Delhi+ Mumbai) free       450 calls Rs. 1/-
Freedom 1995        2326 MTNL N/w (Delhi+ Mumbai) free       2200 calls Rs. 1/-
Concessional category Plan-250*        400 MTNL N/w (Delhi+ Mumbai) free       100 calls Rs. 1/-
Note -
1) Concessional Category Plan -250* is closed for new booking w.e.f. 14.06.2024.
2) The existing concessions provided under the 'Concessional Category Plan -250' are hereby withdrawn w.e.f. 14.06.2024 and all existing customers (senior citizen, blind person, war widow/ disabled soldier, freedom fighters, gallentry award winners, non - residential telephone in schools/ universities/ institutions/ homes for aged/ orphanese etc.) shall be charged at normal applicable rates.
3) ISD calls are chargeable as per applicable rates.
4) GST extra as applicable.

Terms and conditions apply*
Pulse Rate
Pulse Rate for Freedom Plans (Freedom 495 & Freedom 1995 )

Calls to all Operator's network in Delhi & Mumbai Between 2300 Hrs to 0700 Hrs -Free

All STD Calls except Mumbai network Between 2300 Hrs to 0700 Hrs -180 secs
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Pulse rate for Concessional category and Landline Combo Tariff  plans  
Particulars Pulse Rate  
Local & STD Calls   To all Operator's network in Delhi & Mumbai Between 2300 Hrs to 0700 Hrs   Free
All STD Calls except Mumbai network Between 2300 Hrs to 0700 Hrs   180 Sec


To MTNL  Delhi   Landline (PSTN N/W)   180 Sec


To MTNL Delhi & MTNL Mumbai  Mobile (GSM N/W)   90 Sec
To MTNL Mumbai  Landline (PSTN N/W)   90 Sec
To All Other N/W   60 Sec.
ISD Calls For Country wise details Click here   INMARSAT 250 m sec.

Terms and conditions apply*
Commercial Info
Registration Charges Rs. 500/-
Security Deposit(R.I)     Security Deposit (N.R.I) Rs. Nil (For local + STD) Rs. 2000/- (For ISD) to be paid in 4 equal installment with 1st 4 bills. Rs. 2000/- (for Local only) Rs. 6000/- (for Local and STD) Rs. 15000/- (for Local STD and ISD)
Documents Required for Proof of address & Proof of Identity at the time of booking
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NOTE: Self attested copies of POA/POI mentioned above are to be enclosed with CAF & their original document(s) are to be presented by customers for verification by the MTNL Official at the booking counter.
Documents required for age proof of Senior Citizens for NTC: Senior Citizens can avail the concessional telephone facility in concessional category Plan-250 after submission of self attested copy of any one of the following documents as age proof :-(a)Driving License (b) Pan Card (c) Adhaar Card (d)Voters Identity Card (e)Passport (f) Identity Card issued by Govt. Agencies (g)Any other document showing the age proof issued by Central/State Authorities.
Rebate for wiring & instrument   A rebate of Rs. 250/- each will be given for customer owned instrument and customer owned internal wiring  
Phone plus facilities Free Dynamic Lock
Free CLIP instrument with Plan 180 & above
CLIP Phone- Rs. 25/- per month.
Free call forwarding
Free Three party conference 
Free HOT Line facility
Free Abbreviated Dialing
Cordless equipment with CLIP Rs. 60/- per month.
Cordless equipment without CLIP Rs. 40/- per month   
Note:Cordless clip instrument and answering machine will not be provided from 4/8/07.
STD/ISD Provisioning Sanchar Haat will issue on line OB on request of customer after verifying the signatures from data base.  In case signatures are not captured in database then subscriber will bring or arrange to send self-attested photo copy of the Id proof (viz Passport, Driving Licence, PAN Card.) along with original.  The counter clerk  will verify the self attested photo copy with original and return the original after verification.
Concessions in Plan 250
Tariff for casual Telephone Connection
Casual Telephone Connection without STD/ISD    i)Fixed charges (upto 15 days)-Rs.500/-
   (ii)Variable charges per day-Rs 500/-
  (iii)Minimum chargeable period-3 days.

 Casual Telephone Connection with STD without ISD

   (i)fixed charges (upto 15 days)- Rs. 500/-
  (ii)Variable charges per day - Rs.1200  
  (iii)  Minimum chargeable period - 3 days. 

Casual Telephone Connection with STD & ISD

   (i)fixed charges (upto 15 days) - Rs. 500/-  
  (ii)    Security deposit - Rs. 6000/-  
  (iii)  Variable charges per day - Rs.1200/- 
  (iv)  Minimum chargeable period - 3 days.Casual B/B connection @ 256kbps without outgoing calls on telephone
  (i)     Fixed charges (upto 15 days) - Rs. 1000/-  
  (ii)    Variable charges per day - Rs. 1000/-  
  (iii)  Minimum chargeable period - 3 days. 

Casual BB connection with local Voice calls without STD/ISD

   (i)Fixed charges (upto 15 days)  - Rs. 1000/-  
  (ii) Variable charges per day - Rs. 1500/-  
  (iii) Minimum chargeable period - 3 days. 

 Casual BB Connection with Voice calls for Local & STD.

    (i) Fixed charges (upto 15 days) - Rs. 1000/- 
    (ii)Variable charges per day - Rs. 2200/-  
    (iii)Minimum chargeable period - 3 days.Additional charges for Wi-Fi Modem @ Rs. 800/- + Rs 100/-= Rs. 900/- extra.
For casual & Temporary Leased Circuit Services for conferences.

  (i)Fixed  Charges: -  a. Installation and testing Charges= Rs.1000/-   b. Special construction charges    =  Rs. 8,000/-  
  Total fixed charges   = Rs. 9000/-(ii)Variable Charges per week -  Rs. 6000/- (inclusive of channel rent, Modem rent and technical support charges)(iii)  Minimum period of hire - one week
 (iv)  Security - Rs. 30,000/-

1.Security will be refunded within one week after recovery of Modem.  
2.For N x 64 co-efficient multiplier will be as the existing tariff plan upto 2 MB.8. Casual Service for conferences at Vigyyan Bhawan, etc. where  casual Broadband connection without Voice calls with Wi-Fi@ 1 Mbps.
 (a)One time charges upto 15 days Rs. 2000/-
 (b) Fixed charges of usage / Tech. Support for unlimited usage of Broadband . In case of NTC local / NLD and Broadband connection = Rs. 4000/- per day  
  (c) Minimum period - 3 days.Commercial Conditions  The payment shall be taken in advance.  Activation time will be specified by customer.   Date of opening to be counted as day one.    Modem will be recovered.  The existing structure will be closed & the above tariff will be implemented with immediate effect.

Terms and conditions apply*
Temporary Connections for short period
The booking of Temporary Connection of Landline, Broadband and FTTH will be limited to Central Government, State Government, Autonomous bodies or PSUs only in MTNL, Delhi for a minimium period of Two months.
(a) For Local Only

( i)Rent Rs. 500/- per month + proportionate rent of additional number of days.
(ii)   Installation Charges         Rs.  500/-
(iii)     Security deposit                 Rs.2000/-
(iv)  Service Tax (on installation charge & rent) as applicable.

(b)     For Local & STD   (i)  Rent and installation charges as (a) above. (ii) Security deposit Rs. 6000/- Service Tax on installation charge & rent as admissible.

(c) For Local, STD & ISD. (i)  Rent and installation charges as (a) above. (ii)   Security deposit Rs. 15,000/- (iii) Service Tax on installation & rent as admissible.

Example for calculating the rent:- Rent for two months and five days     =  Rs. (500x2+500x5/30) 
  =  Rs. (1000 + 63.33)   =  Rs. 1063 Note: Call charges will be same as in plan 250.

Terms and conditions apply*
Name of Plan

Extn. details Charges Replacement charges for E-103(1+1) new instrument
Service Charges per annum Installation charges
Plan 103 With one Extn. For internal communication only Rs. 1800/ Rs. 3000/- Rs. 3000/-
Service Tax will be charged extra.
These rates shall be applicable for new provisioning as well as for replacement of existing plan -103 / 1+1 Instruments by the new instruments.

Terms and conditions apply*
Revised monthly service charges & facilities for closed (Not-on-offer) Landline Plans
Sl.No. Plan Title  Existing Montly Service Charges (in Rs.) Revised Montly Service Charges (in Rs.) Existing Free Calls Revised Free Calls
1. *Concessional Category Plan 250 335 Rs. 400/- 70 calls 100 calls + MTNL N/w Free
2. *250 335 Rs. 440/- 70 calls 100 calls + MTNL N/w Free
3. *299 335 Rs. 400/- Free MTNL N/w 100 calls + MTNL N/w Free
4. *500 593 Rs. 650/- 450 calls + MTNL N/w Free No Change
5. *499 545 Rs. 650/- 500 (Local) Calls 450 calls + MTNL N/w Free
6. *350 440 Rs. 650/- 250 Calls 450 calls + MTNL N/w Free
7. *99 181 Rs. 300/- Nil 30 calls + MTNL N/w Free
8. *100 170 Rs. 300/- Nil 30 calls + MTNL N/w Free
9. *125 170 Rs. 300/- Nil 30 calls + MTNL N/w Free
10. *160 242 Rs. 300/- Nil 30 calls + MTNL N/w Free
11. *999 1070 No Change 1200 (Local) Calls 1000 calls + MTNL N/w Free
12. *1000 1176 No Change Free 1100 Calls 1100 calls + MTNL N/w Free
13. *799A 860 No Change MTNL N/w Free 800 calls + MTNL N/w Free
14. *750 861 No Change Free 800 Calls 800 calls + MTNL N/w Free
15. *1500 1701 No Change Free 1800 Calls 1800 calls + MTNL N/w Free
16. *2000 2226 No Change Free 2400 Calls 2400 calls + MTNL N/w Free

Note: -
1. Revised Tariff and facilities shall be applicable w.e.f. 01.07.2024.
2. GST extra as applicable.