The following Concessions are available in Plan 250 only:  

Senior Citizen (65 years and above).

25% concession in Activation Charges  and  Monthly service charges, Age proof required.

Blind persons

50% concession in monthly service charges

War window/Disabled soldiers

50% concession in monthly service charges, no Activation charges and no Registration charges.

Freedom Fighters*

50% concession in monthly service charges, no Activation charges and no Registration charges.

Gallantry Award winners in three Defence Services/Awardees of presidents/Police Medal For Gallantry.

(Gallantry Awards – Ashoka Chakra, Shaurya Chakra,  Kirti Chakra, Param Vir Chakra, Mahavir Chakra and  Vir Chakra)

No monthly service charges and no Activation / no registration  charges.

Non-Residential telephone in Schools/Universities/ Institutions/Homes for aged/Orphanese etc. Recognized by Govt.

25% concession in monthly service charges

 *    The widows of Freedom Fighters also entitled for the priority telephone facilities and other concessions as extended to Freedom Fighters.  

1.        The widows of Freedom Fighters who are in receipt of pension under Freedom Fighters Family Pension Scheme would be eligible for one telephone connection under Non-OYT/SWS category subject to technical feasibility, at the place where they normally reside.  As in the case of Freedom Fighters, no installation free would be charged from the widows ad they would be charged only half the normal rental.  Registration free as applicable to Non-OYT categories, would, however, be charged.

2.        The widows of the Freedom Fighters who had already availed of a telephone facility under Non-OYT/Special category in their name or in the names of their deceased husbands would be eligible only for the rental concession to avoid the misuse of the concessional telephone facility, consequent upon the death of the Swatantra Senani Spouse, the following procedure shall be followed:  

(i)  All the Swantantra Senanies / Spouse enjoying concessional telephone facility are to be apprised through advertisement in Newspaper to submit his / her life certificate between 1st August and 30th September each year in the prescribed proforma (copy enclosed)

(ii)  A notice may be given in writing to persons failing to produce “Life Certificate” within stipulated period as specified at (i) above. Thereafter Telephones may be disconnected after a period of 3 months; if the Commercial formalities are not completed, despite the notice issued.  

1.7  Post Connection Activities:  

I/C telephone only.

Post connection activities such as shifting of telephone, third party transfer, Reconnection from D-PMT & DSC/RSC are not allowed.  However after changing the tariff plan all post activities can be carried out.

Shifting of Telephone.

No shifting charge within the same premises but Rs. 100/- will be charged for Inter Exchange / same Exchange per occasion.

Third Party/near relative Transfer

Third party/near relative transfer will be permitted without any restriction.

Transfer fee Rs. 100/-per occasion

Use of Landlord’s Telephone by the tenant living in the same Building.

Permission fee of Rs. 100/-per occasion

Safe custody of telephone

The safe custody period for landline will  be maximum upto one  year.  One time charges of Rs. 100/- will be taken at the time of reconnection.


DNP period

The period of incoming facility after DNP will be one month

Policy on  CLIP instrument :  

1.   Free Clip instrument will be given on booking of NTC in Plan 180 , Plan 250 & above. This will also be applicable to Combo 500 Plan and above.

2.  Free CLIP instrument will be given to subscribers changing from lower plan to higher plan above 250. On line OB for provision of CLIP instrument should be issued immediately in case the subscriber does not already have a CLIP instrument. However, subscriber will not be provided a new CLIP instrument if he has already taken free CLIP instrument under previous schemes.

3.  If, an existing customer wants CLIP instrument, Rs. 25/- per month towards monthly service charges of CLIP instrument will be charged for total of one year. However, if existing customer has already paid for more than one year, extra amount paid will not be refunded.

4.   If a subscriber, after getting CLIP instrument, opts for lower plan within 6 months then Rs. 25/- will be charged for one year from the date of coming to the lower plan.  No charges will be levied if a subscriber remains in plan 250 and above for six months or  more.

5.   If a subscriber having CLIP instrument and surrenders the connection within one year, Rs. 500/- shall be charged from the subscriber.

6.   Necessary maintenance support will be extended for CLIP instrument.  But in case of Cordless    phones, it will not be repaired  /  replaced by another cordless instrument.  Instead, an EPBT instrument will be provided and monthly service charges taken towards  Cordless instrument will be stopped.