How to Change Password for Your Broadband Connection (Username)

Change of Password for your username is a two steps process. In step I, you have to change the password for your account at our Web-Self Care Website and then, in Step II, the password has to be changed in your ADSL router/ Modem (CPE).

STEP I- Change of Password at our Web-Self Care Website.

  1. Log on to our Web-Self Care Website

  2. Enter your Username and existing Password in the given fields. (Your Username is your Telephone Number and existing Password for the new customers is the CA Number given on the Telephone Bill of the Telephone on which Broadband Connection is working.)

  3. Click ‘Login’.

  4. In the next window, Click on ‘Change Service Password’ visible under the Account Maintenance Menu on the left side.

  5. In the table that appears on the right side, Click on ‘Login’ field. Click the Username.

  6. Click on ‘Current Password Field’ and enter your existing password.

  7. Click on ‘New Password Field’ and enter your new password. Please note that the Password should have minimum 4 to 8 alphanumeric characters.

  8. Click on ‘Confirm New Password Field’ and re-enter your new password, which should be same as at Step 7.

  9. Click on ‘Change Password’. A confirmation message ‘Password updated for login <login id>’ will appear on the screen indicating that your password has been changed successfully.

  10. Click on ‘Logout’ field under Account Maintenance Menu on the left side to Logout.

  11. You can Login again with new Password to verify it.

STEP II: Change of Password in CPE/ ADSL Router

  1. Open Website from your own broadband connection to login into your ADSL Router/Modem(CPE).

  2. Logon using user name as admin and Password also as admin.

  3. Click on WAN tab, which appears at left side of the window.

  4. Scroll to WAN settings and select PPPoE/PPPoA option.

  5. Under PPPoE/ PPPoA, delete the previous password appearing in the Password field and enter the new password. Click on Apply button at the bottom of the page.

  6. Click on OK in the message that appears.

  7. At the top of the screen, click on the Tools Tab.

  8. Click on the Misc button seen on the left side of the window.

  9. Scroll to bottom of the page and click on Reboot.

  10. A message for restart will appear. Click on OK.

  11. At this time, ‘Page can not be displayed’ message will appear in the web page and the ADSL Lamp on your ADSL router/Modem (CPE) will go off. Close the Internet Explorer/ Internet Browser.

  12. Wait till ADSL Lamp on the ADSL router glows again and become stable. This takes around 30-60 Secs.

  13. Click on Internet explorer/ your browser and browse the Internet. This confirms that password for your account has been changed successfully.