MPLS : a Backbone for MTNL's various IP Based Services
Keeping its trend of introducing modern & latest technologies at affordable rates to its customers, MTNL ushers IP based MPLS Technology to offer world class IP VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching, developed to provide faster data packet movement than traditional IP routing.

MPLS based VPNs(which offers exclusive and private interconnectivity using Internet protocol to computers or Local Area Networks across the places) reduce customer-networking complexity, costs and do away with the requirement of in-house WAN specialists. Rather than setting up and managing individual point-to-point circuits between each office using pair of Leased Lines, MPLS VPN customers will need only one connection from each office router to a MTNL's Edge Router. MPLS VPN is a technology that allows a Service Provider like MTNL to have complete control over parameters that are critical to offering its customers service guarantees with regard to a high level of QOS e.g. bandwidth, throughputs, latencies, jitters and availability. MTNL has tied up with various Networking solution providers to provide end-to-end solution to its valued customers, including Customer End (CE) routers and other networking components.

The technology enables secure VPN to be built and allows scalability that will make it possible for MTNL to offer assured growth to its customers without having to make significant investments. MTNL is now geared to provide Bandwidth on demand, IPTV, Video Conferencing, Voice Over IP (VoIP) and a host of other value added services that could revolutionize the way a CORPORATE BUSINESS WORKS!

MPLS VPN is based on a mesh network topology giving its users traffic-engineering capabilities for better management, making the network reliable even if the connection breaks down. Currently MTNL has its MPLS network in Delhi & Mumbai & can provide MPLS VPN services all over the country in collaboration with BSNL. In Delhi we are having our MPLS access points at all the important places, which are shown in the Network Diagram, through which we can cover whole Delhi.
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Contact Persons :-

Please contact following officers for Commercials:

1. Sh. H.K. Shakya, DGM EB-I, Mob 9868132038, landline: 011-23359698
2. Sh. Md. Atik Ahmed, DGM EB-II, Mob 9013133880, landline: 011-23739892

For general Information and rates for ILL,MPLS, contact following persons:

Designation    Office No.   Mobile    Email ID  
AGM(BC)    23312655    9868132426 
CO(BC-I)    23320080    9868132121 
CO BC-II    23711416   9868138778 
CO BC-III    23711416    9868133570


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How to apply:-

The registration and billing of all MPLS VPNs are centralized at MTNL, Delhi Head Quarter, located at GM(EB),Room no. 452,Kidwai Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi - 110001.

Duly completed application form can be obtained and submitted at the place mentioned above.

Booking /Commercial activity of VPNs are centralized at Telecom Business Centre Kidwai Bhawan,Janpath, New Delhi -110001


Advantages of MPLS VPN over other Technologies
Advantages of MPLS VPN over other Technologies:

1.With MPLS VPNs it is very easy to create new sites without much difficulty unlike leased lines where new lines have to be laid down for every new site. With leased lines, you need a network with 99 leased lines for 100 sites whereas in MPLS VPN it is a full mesh network, reducing capital expenditure. As the number of sites increases, the cost to connect additional sites to all other sites starts decreasing.

2.MPLS provides diversified range of services (Layer 2, Layer 3 and Dial up VPNs)& scalability to support both small and very large-scale VPN deployments: up to tens of thousands of VPNs are possible on the same network core.

3.The organization needs to pay for only the bandwidth and performance levels used, with flexibility to easily upgrade the bandwidth whenever required.

4.MPLS provides End to end single-point management with flexible SLAs for customers.

5.MPLS is capable of offering fully managed services to customers.

6.Corporate Houses can extend their LANs and computers at various locations across the places upto our access points, so as to interconnect them over an IP VPN thereby enabling online communication, which can enhance business efficiency as well as save their manpower.

7.With MTNL's IP VPN services,businesses are having an opportunity to outsource their communication requirements to a Service Provider (SP),i.e. MTNL, in a cost effective manner.The predecessor of the IP VPN service(conventional private network) forces businesses to make significant investments in leased lines, communication solutions and skills that are not necessary in MPLS.

8.IP VPN service is implemented over a high capacity (STM-1) dual layer robust MPLS Network that has inherent redundancies in routing capability guaranteeing specified service levels.The overall service levels offered with IP VPN service will be superior to service levels derived from the Leased Lines solution.
S.No Particulars MPLSo BB 256Kbps MPLSo BB 251Kbps  MPLSo BB 1Mbps  MPLSo BB 2Mbps
1. Up and Down BW  256 kbps 512 kbps 1 Mbps 2 Mbps
2. Annual BW Charges  22,000/-  37,400/- 52,800/-  70,400/-
3. Usage  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
4. Provision of Free fixed IP  08 08 08 08
5. Committed Data Rate  Purely on best effort basis
6. Note: 
1.Additional fixed IP charges Rs. 8000/- for block of 08 IPs
2.Minimum hiring period of MPLSoBB will be one year.
3.All other terms & conditions will remain same as that are applicable for National MPLS-VPN.
Terms and conditions apply*