5th Floor, Mahanagar Doorsanchar Sadan,
9, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road,New Delhi . 110003
Ph. . 011 . 24310212/24320051
Internet Helpline Services
In Case of Difficulties or Suggestions to this site
Contact Us :
MTNL New Delhi Office
Ph. : 1504,22221504
MTNL Mumbai Office,
Ph. : 1600118844 ,24331408,24331409
MTNL Broadband Services/Dolphin/Basic Helpdesk
For any Help/ Assistance related to Broadband/ADSL Service after activation please contact:-
MTNL Broadband /ADSL Internet Services Helpdesk No 1504/22221504
or, mail us at:
For more details log on to:


Contact At Delhi : 98681-12345,1503
Contact At Mumbai : 98690-12345


How to book complaint for FTTH
Dial 1507 from MTNL Land Line/Garuda/Dolphin or dial 01122221507 from any mobile number.
Report your complaint to Customer care representative.
Customer care representative will attend the complaint and will guide if it can be resolved over phone (Modem setting etc).
Customer care representative will book the complaint and issue docket no.
Kindly report this docket no. in all future communication.
* Following officers can also be approached after booking of the fault for delayed faults.
Officers under GM (West), Sh. A.K. Singh for FTTH
1) Sh. Indrajeet Singh (DGM) : 9868831244,
Officers under GM (BCP), Sh. Anish Mehta for FTTH
1) Sh. D.R.Meena (Area Mgr.) : 9868135171,
Officers under GM (North), Sh. Rajender Singh for FTTH
1) Sh. Hitesh Kumar (Area Mgr.) : 9013134134,
Officers under GM (TY), Sh. K.A. Siddiqui for FTTH
1) Sh. Vipin Aggarwal (DGM) : 9868136663,
Officers under GM (Central), Sh. Raghvendra Gupta for FTTH
1) Sh. R.K.Upadhyay (Area Mgr.) : 9868136261,
Officers under GM (East), Sh. Akmal Hasan for FTTH
1) Sh. Vinod Sharma (Area Mgr.) : 9868137545,
Officers under GM (NP), Smt. Kiran Dubey for FTTH
1) Sh. Suresh Chand (DGM) : 9013135978,
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Sh.Mukesh Kumar Chauhan 23325544
PGM (Dev & EB) Sh.Sandeep Gupta 23318875
PGM (O & WS) Sh.Mukesh Kumar Chauhan 23324848
PCE(ELECTRICAL) Sh.J.S Yadav 24320072
GM (A) Ms. Vandana Gupta 23329895
GM (EB) Sh. Parmod Kumar 23724422
GM (TF-CWG) Sh. Parmod Kumar 23724422
GM (Finance)  Sh. Anirudh pal Singh 23716470
GM (TR) Sh. Anirudh pal Singh 23327011
CE (CIVIL & AM) Sh. Naushad Ahmad 24655510
GM (Plg & Dev) Sh. Mukul Kamble 23317788
GM (HQ-Dev) Sh. Sanjay Singhal 23317788
GM (Transmission) Sh. Sanjay Singhal 23329955
GM (IT) Sh. Rakesh Kumar 23724700
GM (TY) Sh. Kalim Ahmad Siddiqui 22143335
GM (SDA) Sh. Akmal Hasan 23321122
GM(OP) Sh. Muneesh Gogia 23739810
GM (EAST) Sh. Hoshiar Singh 23234040
GM (BCP) Sh. Anish Mehta 26188080
GM (NP) Ms. Kiran Dubey 26466600
GM (MM) Sh. Amit Saxena 23739810
GM (Legal) Sh. Rajendra Singh 23325203
GM (WEST) Sh. Gajender Singh Thakur 25432213
GM (BB) Sh. Rahul Johri 23328823
GM (Electronics) Sh. MUKUL KAMBLE 23320460
GM (NORTH) Sh. Ashok Kumar Singh 27918000
GM(BSS & SM) WS Sh. Arun Marwah 24329556
GM(NSS & Coml)Ws Sh. Ratna Thakur 25730351
OSD TO ED Sh. Munish Gogia 23318181
MTNL JUST CALL 1500/22221500 SERVICE(Toll Free)
For anything you need, just call our toll free number 1500/22221500, and one of our customer service staff at the new MTNL Call Centre will do the needfull

JUST CALL Information Service
Detailed Information on services offered
Details of procedures to be followed
All contact numbers
Tariffs Plan
Details on Sanchar Haats

JUST CALL Free Commercial Services
Answering Machine(Voice Mail) services
Call Waiting facility
Automatic Hunting facility

JUST CALL Paid Commercial services
Abbreviated Dialling
Call Transfer Facility
Hotline Facility
CLI Facility
STD/ISD and Phone Plus Facilities Disconnection
Telephone Shifting

JUST CALL Accessory Services
Plan 103 Instrument
Cordless Instrument
CLI Instrument

JUST CALL Bill Services
Payment made feedback
Restoration of Telephone Connection.
Rent related clarifications
Request for STD/ISD details
Outstanding details

JUST CALL Phone on Phone Service
New Telephone Connection
Liaison Officers Advisory Committee TAC Member
Public Grievance cell
Call 011-23356666 or Fax 011-23357777

Operative round the clock in the Department of telecommunications. Sanchar Bhawan , New Delhi for registering any grievance including the following:
-If your fault / reconnection is not attended to within 48 hours
- If your telephone is not shifted within one week in the same exchange or in 2 weeks in other exchange area
-If your new telephone connection is not operational within 15 days after its registration.*
-If your excess billing complaints are not replied to within 30 days
-If dues are not refunded in 90 days after application.
# Operative on interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) from 1800 hrs. to 0900 hrs and on Sundays and holidays.
* Subject to technical feasibility.

MTNL Infoline
Dial 24076666 for Hindi and 24077777 for English, and get information regarding MTNL's services(based on Interactive Voice Response System) Keep in touch with MTNL, round-the-clock. Free Service

MTNL Newsline
Dial 24078888 for Hindi and 24079999 for English, and get information about press releases, business news, promotional schemes, service disruption, etc.(based on Interactive Voice Response System) Keep track of MTNL's activities, round-the-clock. Free Service

Local Assistance Service
A massive computerization of operator-based services have been undertaken using IVRS. This has already been commissioned in some exchanges and will be introduced in the remaining exchanges. Some of the operator-based services now automated are:

Changed Number Enquiry Service (1951/1952)
For changed number enquiry service, IVRS has been commissioned. Two codes '1951' for Hindi and '1952' for English have been opened for this purpose.

Fault Repair Service (XXX 2198)
Booking of complaints in respect of faulty telephone lines is now automated using IVRS where the exchange code followed by 2198 is to be dialed for recording the complaint. Docket number will be communicated by the IVRS system after registering the complaint.

Registration of complaints is acknowledged by furnishing the docket number and the faulty line is immediately tested. The clearance of faults is also monitored through computer terminals.

The salient features of FRS are :

Automated testing telephone lines.
Acceptance of clearance report from the lineman.
Clearance of complaint after confirmation from the subscriber .
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