Utility computing on MTNL Broadband Network - Soft Launch of service for 500 existing as well as new Broadband Customer opting M/s Novatium Virtual Computer.

Broadband customers of MTNL Delhi will be provided under this service, simple to use network computer,  enabled with internet access at a very affordable cost as detailed below.  This service  will be provided in association with M/s Novatium Solutions. 

Tariff for the service is given below :-

For Nova  net PC

One time charges

a.       15. Colour CRT Monitor with one year warranty

(Subscribers can buy their own monitors also & no charges will be levied)

Rs. 3200/-(4% VAT extra)

b.      Nova CPE  Comprises of Nova net PC, USB keyboard, USB mouse ( with Life time warranty).

Rs. 1,999/-


Rs. 4,999/-

For Nova  services  & Internet

Monthly charges

a. 30 hrs of FREE browsing and 300 MB of server storage    included

Rs. 399/-

b. Additional Internet browsing hours

Rs. 10 / hr

c. Server storage space (per 100 MB) beyond 300 MB.

Rs. 50/-

1. Initially 500 customers will be provided in selected Areas only.

2.  Booking will be done at Call Centre Numbers 22221500 / 1500   from   26.09.2007.  Help line number is 1800- 115522.

Buy Back: 

M/s Novatium  will buy back the computing system provided by them to the MTNL subscriber on account of surrendering the services or stoppage of services due to any other reason.  If a subscriber opts out between day 1 to three calendar months the entire amount will be refunded less Rs. 1000/- i.e. Rs. 3999/-provided there are no physical / electrical damage to the equipment provided by the vendor. 

            After 3 calendar months, the depreciation rate will be @ of Rs. 200/- per month inclusive of Rs. 1000/- for the first three months.  For clarification sake say at subscribers premises, 7th Jan, 2008 and opts out on 13th   Jan, 2009 deduction will be 1000 + 200X10=3000 so total deduction will be Rs. 3000/- refundable amount will be Rs. 1, 999/-. 

 For the customers who do not have Broadband connection or telephone line, Tariff Plans :






Registration charges for Broadband  and utility computing service.

Rs. 500/-


Modem charges(one time).

Rs. 300/-


Modem rental.

Rs. 50/- P.M.


Broadband monthly rental



Browsing facility


Note:1.  There is no change in tariff of utility computing service.
2.  Subscriber can change the telephone line and  / or broadband plan to any  existing  plans, as per the existing policy of MTNL.
3.   If subs provides his own modem, all charges for Modem both one time and   monthly charge will not be taken
4.The above mentioned scheme is opened in all areas.

The utility computing service on MTNL Network in association with M/s Novatium Solutions shall be extended / opened in all areas of MTNL, Delhi, network for existing Broadband subscribers.

For the Broadband customers , for NetPC Service , his internet browsing speed (upload as well as download) will be restricted to 256 kbps .

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