The details  are as under: 

1. MTNL, New Delhi has executed agreements with the approved vendors namely;1) M/s. Coral Telecom Limited, 2) M/s. Intellicon Private Limited and will be in effect till finalization of new vendors by M./M unit of MTNL, Delhi in coordination with CPSL unit.  The Agreement with the vendor will be done by CPSL Unit & will maintain records like Bank guarantee.

2.  Enquiries from the prospective clients will be received by the designated Nodal Officer of CPSL Unit, who will forward the case to the vendor on roaster basis and will coordinate with concerned vendor to pursue the case with the Customer for firm Purchase Order by way of giving presentation/technical clarification to the customer. 

3.The CPSL unit will process for issue of demand note for estimated cost of external cabling, if required and security deposit as applicable through Commercial Officer(BD)

4.  On receipt of payment from the customer the CPSL unit will execute agreement with customer and will also arrange to issue advice note for implementation through CO(BD).  All the records pertaining to the scheme execution such as Bank Guarantee, Agreement copy duly signed by MTNL and Customer, Work order to vendor will be maintained by Corporate Sales unit. Copy of advice note will be given to the concerned Area GM/Vendor for Activation of EPABX. 

5.  Area GM to provide connectivity by PRI/E1R2/DELs as per customer requirement in accordance with existing technical and commercial policies.  Demand note/Advice Note for connectivity will be issued by CO(BC). CPSL  

6.  After the advice note is issued, CPSL Unit will coordinate with all concerned Area GM, Vendor etc.  for the execution of the job & commissioning of the EPABX system.  Area GM will arrange to get the A/T done and will issue a certificate of Activation , commissioning and completion to all concerned 

7. In case there is any requirement from the customer/Vendor for inclusion/deletion/amendment of any clause of the agreement which does not involve any structural change or legal standing of MTNL shall be examined and pursued by CPSL Unit. 

8.The payment of all such services shall be made to the vendor only after payment has been received from the customer for provision of such services and facilities after deducting the revenue share of MTNL. Broadband connection can be provided in this scheme.  Further in case, a customer requires any additional or peripheral equipment, the CPSL Unit will take necessary action as per existing agreement.

 Tariff of Free EPABX Scheme for Corporate Customer & Housing Societies: -   
The tariffs for Free-EPABX Scheme for Corporate Customer & Housing Societies, as per details given below: -
1. Connectivity * PRI/DEL  -  Corporate Customers can choose.
In the case of Housing Societies, only PRI connectivity will be given.
 2. Security deposit for  EPABX

Six months advance monthly service charges @ Rs. 50/-

per month per working extension  in the form of B.G.

3. Outgoing call charges
(A) For PRI connectivity

Option (1) -  Monthly PRI connectivity  charges Free PRI &  Re. 1/- per MCU
Option (2)
  - With Monthly PRI Connectivity Charges of PRI as per existing Tariff &    Re. 0.85/- per MCU.

(B) For DEL ConnectivityAs per existing tariff plan chosen by customer. 

4. Monthly Service Charges per extension per month

Amount  Applicable When

a) Rs. 50/-  -    Customer does wiring and provides own EPBT.

 b) Rs. 100/-  -   MTNL does wiring and provides normal analog telephone instrument. 

c) Rs. 75/-  -   Customer having own wiring and PBT but 
                                    maintenance provided by MTNL

5. Area of Operation

500 mtrs.

6. Commission to Vendor for EPABX Rs. 50/- per working extension per month and 12% of the call charges (excluding  Monthly Service Charges etc.) subject to a maximum of Rs. 80/- per month per working extension.  This limit of     Rs. 80/- is the sum of Rs. 50/- per working extension per month and the 12% of the call charges subject to maximum of Rs. 30/-.
7. Commission to Vendor for Broadband

1.DSLAM & CPE provided by MTNL:- Rs. 25/- per month per extension. No revenue share in the BB usage.

2.DSLAM & CPE provided by Vendor.

(a) Revenue share of 60% to MTNL and 40% of minimum  Monthly Service Charges plan i.e. Rs. 199/-only will be given to vendor, even if subscriber opts for higher BB plan.  For the purpose of revenue sharing, minimum plan of Rs.199/- will be taken for calculation.
There will be no revenue sharing in usages of broadband.
CPE charges/  Monthly Service Charges shall go to the vendor.  Monthly CPE Service  Charges   at present is Rs. 50/- per month.

Tariff for PRI/E1R2/DEL connectivity will be as applicable in DID franchisee. Security deposit of  PRI/E1R2/DEL  has been waived off.      

1.3 Tariff for DID-EPABX under Franchisee Scheme:

(A) Analogue Junctions: 

S. No.




Activation  Charges



Security deposit

Rs. 5000 per O/G jns in the form of BG for 6 years.


 Monthly Service Charges for incoming junction



DOD Facility on E1R2 with CLIP

DOD facility will not be provided on E1R2

          (B)        PRI Connectivity: 

S. No. ITEM Charges


Monthly PRI Connectivity Charges

Rs. 2500 per month per PRI


Security deposit at the time of registration.

Local PRI:-

Three months advance Monthly PRI connectivity  charges i.e. Rs. 7500. 


 Rs. 90,000 in the form of BG + Rs. 7500 in cash.

   (C) Provision of CLIP Facility 

S. No.




Clip facility

i)     For Analogue



 ii)    For PRI


To be provided @ Rs. 10 per number as per allotted numbering scheme to franchisee per month.

      (D) Commission 

S. No.




Commission on Analogue junctions & PRI Connectivity

Flat rate 20% of MCU

PBX Tariff