Virtual private network (VPN)

Now corporates and groups of telephone subscribers can have practically all the facilities of an electronic PABX from their ordinary telephone lines - Isn't it a BONANZA.

As the name implies a Virtual Private Network is an imaginary network within a real network i.e. it gives the service user the feeling of in-house connections to any destination, although the connections are switched by the public network. Such a VPN service, therefore, enables the subscribers to establish a private network using resources of public network. VPN service is best suited for corporates and consortia having significant traffic between their corporate sites spread in Delhi and Mumbai (to begin with) to configure and use switched carrier circuits as if they are their dedicated private lines.

VPN Services

How to subscribe

Corporates and others can subscribe to VPN service i.e. they can have their own VPN network by utilizing the existing telephone lines or by taking new telephone connections. Telephone connections put on a VPN network can also be used as a normal telephone connection.

Features and Facilities

    • VPN subscribers can have practically all facilities of an electronic PABX without owning it by becoming a member of VPN and therefore no maintenance hassles inherent to PABX.

    • There is no need for VPN subscribers to take leased lines between their locations and therefore they are free from problems associated with leased lines.

    • Segregation of calls between private and official is feasible.

    • Individual lines on the VPN network need not be given STD facility and hence no problems of its misuse.

    • VPN subscribers can have their own private numbering plan.

    • Detailed billing facility exists in the form of a single bill for calls made to and from VPN lines.

  How to subscribe

You can apply on prescribed application form (available free) along with the registration fee of Rs. 3000/- in the form of DD/Pay order/Crossed Cheque in favour of MTNL, New Delhi at Gate No-3, Khurshid Lal Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi 110050. For further details contact to C.O. (BC-I) on Tel. 011-23320247.
The registration charges are refundable through adjustments in the bills.

Intelligent Network

How to access and use

Dialing procedure for VPN service depends upon the type of location from which the service is to be accessed. There are two type of locations :

    • Virtual on-net location : These locations (telephone numbers) are defined by the VPN customer to be a part of their VPN numbering plan. These telephone numbers can be existing lines or the new telephone connections taken by the VPN subscriber specifically for VPN services.

    • Off-net location: All telephone numbers which do not form a part of VPN network are called off-net locations.

  Dialing Procedure

If fast dialing is available, the dialing is to be done in fast-dialing mode only. If it is not available, then press * after dialing the access code in the following procedures:

1. Within VPN i.e. virtual on-net to virtual on-net.
1801111 + Destination PNP no.
PNP refers to Private Numbering Plan
2. From virtual on-net to off-net
1801111 + 9 (Escape code) + Destination number + Authentication code.
3. From off-net to virtual on-net
1801111 + Group ID + Caller PNP number followed by Authentication code + Destination PNP number
4. From off-net to off-net
1801111 + Group ID + Caller PNP number followed by Authentication code + 9 (Escape code) + Destination number