Televoting service

This service allows the voting Subscribers (one who subscribers for televoting service) to conduct public polls and surveys with the help of normal telephones.

It is a boon for TV producers, serial makers, manufacturers, service providers and other who conduct surveys for their products and service providers and others who conduct surveys for their products and services including public opinion on various issues of common interest etc. service is available on demand and televoting results with details and print-outs can be provided.

Tele Voteing


After registration, the Service Provider will immediately allot to the televoting subscriber a single telephone number with last two variable digits normally referred to as choice digits. Thereafter, televoting subscriber can assign any choice/option to these variable digits and seek voting from the public/users on any issue of common interest during any limited period to be fixed by the televoting subscriber. The assignment of choice to two variable digits, fixation of period of voting and televoting telephone number including access code can be publicized either on print media or electronic media or through any other mode considered appropriate by the televoting subscriber. The voter can exercise his opinion/voting during the period fixed by dialing access code 1803111 followed by 4 digits televoting number and the variable digits depending upon his option/choice. For a successful televoting call, the calling party (voter) will get the acknowledge in the form of an announcement �your choice has been registered.�

Tariff structure for Televoting

Category - 1
If the Televoting number is kept as a toll free number and subscriber of Televoting Service pays the charges for incoming calls.

Rental per day for upto 5 televoting choices (payable in advance) Rs. 5,000.00
Rental per additional choice per day (payable in advance) Rs. 1,000.00
Charges upto 5000 calls (per call charge) Re. 1.00
Charges beyond 5000 calls (per call charge) Re. 0.80
Security deposit per day Rs. 10,000.00
Bank guarantee per day Rs. 10,000.00

Category - 2
When the subscriber of Televoting Service does not pay for the incoming calls and calling party pays for the call charges for participating in the Televoting 

Rental per day upto 5 televoting choices(Payable in advance) Rs. 10,000.00
Rental per additional Choice per day(Payable in advance) Re. 1,000.00