Premium rate service (PRM)

How to subscribe

You can apply on a prescribed application form (available free) along with the registration fee of Rs. 3,000/- in the form of DD/Pay order/Crossed Cheque in favour of MTNL, New Delhi at Customer Service Centre, Ground Floor, Khurshid Lal Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi 110050. For further details contact to C.O. (BC-I) on Tel. 011-23320247.
The registration charges are refundable through adjustments in the bills.

Intelligent Network

How to access

This service can be accessed by a telephone subscriber of Delhi through STD phones by dialing access code No. 1867111 followed by the 4 digits PRM number depending upon the pulse rate. Alternatively, the subscriber can be provided a short code accessible from all the MTNL telephone lines without having STD facility mapped on the PRM No. The information provider can choose pulse duration of 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 seconds per unit call.


Registration charges - Rs. 3,000/-
Two monthly charges for PRM service number (payable in advance) Rs. 1,600/-
Creation /deletion /addition /modification of every PRM number - Rs. 100/-
Charges for change of features Rs. 100/- (per request)
Charges for each additional copy of detailed bill - Rs. 100/-
Presently there is no charge for
(I) Basic features (One PRM service number for multiple destination and hunting facility) and additional features which are optional (Time dependent, detailed billing, origin dependent routing, called distribution, selection code, customers specific recorded announcement and call redirection, etc.)
The fee for each call unit (pulse) will be charged as per the existing tariff and the commission to information provider will be given by MTNL at the rate of Re. 0.70 per unit.  


1. The minimum period of hire of service is three month.
2. This service can be provided on existing telephone connections or connections of MTNL obtained separately as per rules.
3. The charges indicated here are PRM service charges and they do not include the normal charges levied for basic telephone service.
4. The outgoing calls made from the telephone connections, which the PRM subscriber assigns for, PRM line will be billed as per usual rates and procedures.

  Whom to contact

Please feel free to contact 1800111198 (Toll free) for any information.
P.S.: The rates indicated are as per present tariff and are subject to change without any notice.