Premium rate service (PRM) on SHORT CODE

A boon for professionals, information providers and information seekers.

  Features and Facilities
  •  The service enables Professionals and Information Providers to offer advice/consultation, forecast in any field, fortune telling, share market consultation, job consultation and information on sports etc. using telecom network which is the fastest means.

  • The service provider (Professional/Information Provider) is allotted a PRM service number (SHORT CODE) by the Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (Network Operator) and this number can be accessed by telephone subscribers /information seekers all over Delhi through  LOCAL ,STD/ISD  phones irrespective of the location of the Information Provider.

  • For this service, the call charges which are to be borne by the calling user are at a higher rate and hence the name 'Premium Rate'. The revenue earned by the MTNL (Network Operator) is shared between the information Provider and MTNL.

  • For the same PRM service number the PRM subscriber can have a number of destination numbers and the call will automatically be routed to those numbers by the Intelligent Network.  

  • It also provides location dependent routing whereby subscribers can have several installations (several directory numbers) and can specify flexible routing depending upon the area of origination of incoming calls.

PRM Service  

   Commercial  formalities :1.  The FRANCHISEE Company should be registered & incorporated in India under the Companies Act, 1956.  
2.  A FRANCHISEE should have a minimum annual turnover of Rupees Ten Lac in Telecom or Information Technology or Content Provision/ Entertainment or any combinations thereof during last one-year.

3. The FRANCHISEE shall not have any commercial/financial interest in any Basic Services /Cellular Services/ NLD/ILD operating companies.
4.  The FRANCHISEE should not be a licensed Telecom Service Provider/ Operator for any of the Services listed below anywhere in India.      
      Basic Services 
     Cellular Mobile Services 
     National Long Distance Services
     International Long Distance Services

5.  The service Area for the purpose of this Agreement is Delhi only.   
6.  The FRANCHISEE shall install his equipment at his own risk & cost.    
7.   MTNL subscribers at Delhi will be provided access to the services from the
equipment setup by the franchisee. However, MTNL reserves the right to provide services to its subscribers in other city also using the said equipment.  
8.   There will not be any limit on number of Franchisees at each place that are able to provide similar services with or without additional features.    
9.   Party should apply on Company‚Äôs letter head  to DGM(COML) HQ ,K.L.BHAWAN. 

Note:--For details of agreement to be executed between MTNL & PARTY for PRM services contact  CO(NS) ,K .L BHAWAN. NEW DELHI. T.NO 23322422.