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Dynamic STD/ISD Facility

You can avail yourself of the dynamic STD/ISD control facility free of cost. With this facility, you can yourself lock/unlock the STD/ISD on your telephone using a four digit secret code as per the procedure given below. Since locking is done electronically and the code is known only to you, it provides a full safeguard against misuse by others. This facility is available in all electronic exchanges to all those who apply for STD/ISD facility.

Phone Plus Facility

Activation/Code Registration

Dial 123 1111 (access code) followed by ABCD (your four digit secret code) to enter your secret code and you will receive an acknowledgement tone.

How to Lock/Unlock STD/ISD/Other Calls

Facilities Required For phones with STD & ISD both For phones having STD only (ISD barred)
Allowing all types of calls (Including ISD) Dial 124 ABCD 0 Not available
Barring STD/ISD calls Dial 124 ABCD 1 Dial 124 ABCD 1
Barring STD/ISD/ Special calls Dial 124 ABCD 2 Dial 124 ABCD 2
Allowing all types of calls except ISD calls Dial 124 ABCD 3 Dial 124 ABCD 3
Barring all outgoing calls Dial 124 ABCD 4 Dial 124 ABCD 4
Barring only STD calls (ISD available) Dial 124 ABCD 5 N.A.
Barring only Local/Special Services calls Dial 124 ABCD 6 N.A.
Changing the four digit secret code Dial 123 ABCD PQRS Dial 123 ABCD PQRS
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