Documents Required 

1. Usage of Circuit. 

2. Terminating arrangement of the circuits at both the ends of customer's premises. 

3. Details of circuits already working at both the ends of customer's premises. 

4. Networking approval (Not required in case of a Point to point circuit not forming part of any network). 

5. Letter of undertaking in the enclosed Performa signed by the Applicant / Authorised signatory. 

6. Attested True Copy of Permanent Account Number (issued by income Tax Department) OR Form No. 60 alongwith address proof. 


(i). In case of PROPRIETORSHIP - Rubber Stamp of the proprietor at all places.
(ii). In case of PARTNERSHIP (a). Attested True Copy of the Partnership Deed with Form A
(b). Power of Attorney of the signatory.
(iii). In case of a COMPANY (a). Resolution in favour of the Signatory or Power of Attorney
(b). Memorandum of Articles.
(c). Certificate of Incorporation.


In case of FOREIGN COMPANY In addition to item 7 above , attested True copy of valid RBI Permission.


Address Proof. Tel. Bill/ Water/Electricity Bill.