How to Change Password for Your E-mail IDs

  1. Log on to our Web-Self Care Website

  2. Enter your Username and existing Password in the given fields. (Your Username is your Telephone Number and existing Password for the new customers is the CA Number given on the Telephone Bill of the Telephone on which Broadband Connection is working.)

  3. Click ‘Login’.

  4. In the next window, Click on ‘Change Service Password’ visible under the Account Maintenance Menu on the left side.

  5. In the table that appears on the right side, Click on ‘Login’ field. A list containing your Username and all your E-mail Ids will appear. Select the E-mail Id for which you want to change the Password.

  6. Click on ‘Current Password Field’ and enter your existing password for the e-mail Id selected above at Step 5.

  7. Click on ‘New Password Field’ and enter your new password. Please note that the Password should have minimum 4 to 8 alphanumeric characters.

  8. Click on ‘Confirm New Password Field’ and re-enter your new password, which should be same as at Step 7.

  9. Click on ‘Change Password’. A confirmation message ‘Password updated for login <E-mail id>’ will appear on the screen indicating that your password has been changed successfully.

  10. Click on ‘Logout’ field under Account Maintenance Menu on the left side to Logout.

  11. You can Login again with new Password to verify it.