Steps to Configure Broadband Dialer 

Steps to Configure Broadband Dialer     

Step 13: Click on WAN tab. Click on WAN setting and select Bridge Mode and  Apply.     

Step 14: To save the configuration in the CPE

1.     At the top of the screen, click on the Tools Tab and

2.    Click on the System Button.

3.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save and  Reboot button to save 
the configuration in CPE.

  click save and Reboot button as shown above.

4.      A message for restart will appear as shown below:

Click OK button in Save and Reboot Message box.


It may take 40-45 seconds to reboot. Now configuration in CPE will be saved. 

At this time, �Page can not be displayed� message will appear in the web page 
and the ADSL Lamp on your ADSL router/Modem (CPE) will go off. Close the 
Internet Explorer/ Internet Browser. Wait for 2 to3 minutes till ADSL Lamp on
 the ADSL Router glows again and become stable.

This Completes the configuration of Broadband dialer in PC and CPE/Modem
PLEASE NOTE: Al the customers of Time-Based plans namely TriB TZ and TriB T10 should connect to Internet only through broadband dialer and disconnect the connection immediately after browsing. This is a must for the customers of Time-Based plans (i.e. Hours based plans) to  ensure proper billing.