Account card calling service (ACC)

A tool more powerful than VCC, ACC is useful to one and all, whether on the move or otherwise and whether you own a phone or not.

This service allows customers to make a call from any tone telephone in the networks of Delhi and Mumbai to any destination - local, national or international even if the telephone from where the call is made is without STD facility.

All about the Phone Card

    • ACC 'Phone Card' can be obtained by registration at area Customer Service Centre, Bhikaji Cama Place, and depositing the initial value of Rs. 5250/- including service tax of Rs. 250/- through a demand draft drawn in favour of 'MTNL'. Registration simply involves furnishing name and address to facilitate dispatch of detailed periodical bills and is only a one-time activity. The utilized amount can be replenished in multiples of Rs. 1000/- at the same centre. Even if full amount of initial deposit i.e. Rs. 5000/- is utilized, replenishment can be done in multiples of Rs. 1000/-.

    • The ACC Phone Card has an eight (8) digit card number and a four (4) digit authentication code which is also known as your PIN (Personal Identification Number). As these numbers are given electronically these are not known to anybody else.

    • The eight (8) digit card number is your account number and remains the same. The four (4) digit authentication code can be changed by the card holder himself by following the procedure. Card holders are advised to change the authentication code frequently to avoid any misuse.

    • Instructions given on the card may be read carefully.

How to make a call

1. Go to the nearest tone phone.
2. Lift the handset and dial the service access code 1804 111 after you hear the dial tone.
3. Wait for announcement.
4. Press * button on your telephone and dial your card number followed by your authentication code.
5. Wait for announcement relating to choice.
6. Dial the choice as per details below:
I. for making the call
II. for registration of new authentication code
III. for knowing credit balance
7. Wait for announcement.
8. Dial destination number if dialed choice is (I) above.
9. Dial the new authentication code if the dialed choice is (II). Wait for announcement and re-dial new authentication code when advised to do so.
10. Replace the handset after the call is over, or when the new authentication code is registered.

Important Information

Please refer "VCC Important Information" Click Here

Advantages to customers for VCC and ACC
1. Need not own a phone connection.
2. Can make calls from any tone phone.
3. Need not carry cash for making calls.
4. Helps corporates /individuals in telephone expenditure forecasting and hence budgeting.
5. STD/ISD capacity will be available from any phone.
6. It is much cheaper than hotel phones, hence it is very useful for business executives.
7. The account number remains the same and you can change authentication code at your will (only for ACC).
8. Detailed billing record will be available for all successful calls local/STD/ISD (only for ACC).
9. Replenishment of deposited amount is possible (only for ACC).
Whom to contact

Please feel free to contact 1800111198(Toll free)

P.S.: The rates indicated are as per present tariff and are subject to change without any notice.