Provision for safe custody of broadband only while landline will remain active. The term & condition for putting only broadband under safe custody are as under


1.  Maximum period of under safe custody - Three months

2.  Charges during safe custody period - only monthly modem service charges(Rs. 50/- in case of ordinary modem & Rs. 75/- in case of wi-fi modem)

3.  RSC charges- Rs.100/- ( to be charged in the bill)

4. After expiry of three months safe custody period, broadband connection will be   disconnected permanently and no refund will be given of modem charges taken during safe custody in any case. 

5. Incase of Combo plan, the subs has to opt a landline connection from the available tariff plans otherwise the previous landline plan (if any) prior to conversion to Combo plan will be provided.


The other terms and conditions will remain the same

The scheme is w.e.f. 02.02.2010.