Offers and Promotional Plans
Promotional offer for FTTH Services in MTNL Delhi for 30 days
Launch of promotional offer for FTTH Services in MTNL Delhi for 30 days(w.e.f 16.06.2018 to 15.07.2018) for new customers

1.FTTH Promotional Plan:

Initial Charges :

a.One time installation charges (non-refundable) - Rs.500/-
b.One time Testing & commissioning charges of ONT/Wi-Fi - Rs.1500/-
device (non-refundable) c.Fixed Service charges - Nil

Promotional Tariff :

d. Speed (Symmetrical download & upload):500Mbps
e. Fair Usage Data (Download + Upload) per month:500GB.
f. Promotional/Free Trial Period :30 Days
g. Speed after Fair Usage (Download & Upload):5Mbps
h. Voice Calls: Unlimited local calls on all networks including MTNL Mumbai network. Call Charges for STD/ISD calls @ Re.1 per MCU.

Customer can opt any regular FTTH Plan during promotional period otherwise he will be automatically migrated into FTTH Fire Plan.
Launch of Temporary FTTH connections(w.e.f 21.06.2018)
One time installation charges (non-refundable) - Rs.500/-
Refundable Security for ONT/Wifi device-Rs. 1500/-
Name of FTTH Plan Download speed & FUL per month Speed up to Upload speed & FUL per month Speed up to Monthly Plan Fixed service Charges Free Voice calling Allowance per month Call Charges beyond free call
FTH Temp 3799 100 Mbps up to 400 GB thereafter 2 Mbps 100 Mbps up-to 400 GB thereafter 2 Mbps Rs.3799/- Unlimited local & STD calls on all networks Rs. 1/- per pulse for ISD calls.
GST Extra @ 18%

Other Terms and conditions:-
i.Minimum chargeable rent will be for one month.
ii.The temporary services under the plan may be provided for a maximum period of six months.
iii.Payment under the scheme will be non refundable and charged upfront for the entire period of service.
iv.Tel. Instrument will be provided by MTNL.
v.The Revenue share will be settled by concerned area in case the services are provided over FTTx partners network as per FTTx policy provisions.
vi.Revenue share for the partner will be fixed at 25%.
vii.Other terms and conditions of the FTTX policy will remain applicable for the cases where the services are provided through FTTx partners.
viii.The revenue share will be net off license fee and other Govt. levies if any.
ix.Refundable security will be refunded after recovery of ONT/Tel. instrument. Security will be forfeited in case of damaged/ burnt ONT (Rs. 1150/-) /Tel inst. (Rs. 350/-)
x.The provisioning of service will be subject to feasibility.