Migration Scheme for existing Landline/Broadband customers for migrating to FTTH Services
(A)Migration of existing Landline connection for the subscriber having FTTH connection into Plan 100 w.e.f 15.12.2018

1)If FTTH subscriber is having or had a landline connection, he will have the option to retain his existing landline number in Plan 100. In case the old indicator is not free, he can take new indicator without any initial charge.
2) Further FTTH customers not having Landline connection, he can also take Plan-100 (copper) connection without any initial charge.
3)The tariff will be @ Rs. 100/- per month. There will be no free calls, and O/G calls will be charged at the rate Re 1/- per MCU,
4)If subscriber surrenders FTTH connection, the Landline plan 100 (on copper) will be migrated to One India Plan.

(B) On request for migration to FTTH connection from an existing landline/BB subscriber (Open or Closed Plan), the following will apply :

Customer will be allowed to migrate to any of the available FTTH plans.

Subscriber will have the option to retain his existing landline number at the tariff of Rs. 100 per month in which there will be no free calls and outgoing calls will be charged @ Re.1 per mcu. He will also have the option for a free VoIP connection as per FTTH Plan chosen by him.

No initial charges (i.e. Installation, Testing & commissioning charges of ONT, wi-fi, Instt) will be taken from the subscriber since he is an existing and loyal subscriber.

Migration to FTTH is permitted through MTNL's own teams as well as through FTTx partners.

MTNL will issue a single bill on existing landline number with complete details. There will be no supplementary sheets attached to indicate billed amount for landline and FTTH separately to avoid confusion to the subscriber.

If subscriber surrenders FTTH connection, the Landline Plan on copper will be migrated to One India Plan.

OB for FTTH shall be issued subject to all LL/BB dues clearance.

Migration is allowed subject to technical feasibility.

(C) Existing Broadband Subscribers working in Plan 590 and above but below 650(open & closed Plans), who are not willing to move to any regular FTTH Plan, are permitted to be migrated to FTTH network with a speed of 20 Mbps (download & upload) on the existing broadband tariff with existing volume eligibility and 1Mbps Post FUP speed. Other terms & conditions will remain the same as detailed above.