Special Tariff Voucher

Name of voucher  STV 171 STV 197  STV 231  STV 365  STV 421
MRP ( in INR) 171 197 231 365 421
Tariff  Validity  28 days 35 days 42 days 70 days 84 days
a) Data
(Home network + National -roaming)
1.5 GB data per day  2 GB data per day  2.5 GB data per day  3 GB data per day 3 GB data per day
b) Voice  Unlimited Free Local and STD calls
c) SMS
[(Local + STD) in Home -Network]
100 SMS per day 
1.The above STV will be available via online/e-recharge & SMS recharge.
2.The benefit/ freebies of free calling, free SMS will be available from home network only.
3. After the consumption of free data benefit,data will be charged @ 2p/10KB.
4. STV 171, STV 197, STV 231, STV 365, STV 421 is  implemented w.e.f 16.05.2018 for a promotional period of 90 days.




Validity in days

STV 425



a) Data :1 GB of 2G/3G data per day
b) Voice :1) Free on MTNL network (Delhi & Mumbai)
2) Free 25 minutes per day on other network (15
local + 10 STD minutes)
Other terms and conditions
1) Beyond free minutes only 25 paisa per minute

90 days


STV 47 47

Extension of SIM/ Account Validity to 90 days with 500 free SMS (MTNL Delhi GSM)

STV 11 11 50 Local Min 1
STV 21 (STD daily pack)  21 50 STD Min 1
STV 31 (Monthly SMS pack)  31 135 STD Min 30
STV 9 (SMS PACK) 9 70 local/STD SMS 7
STV 31 (SMS PACK) 31 300 local/STD SMS 30
STV 89 (SMS PACK) 89 1000 local/STD SMS 30
STV 309 (3G Vidayarthi) 309 Freebies:  Own N/w, 106 Local Min, 80 STD Min,100 min Video Call , 310 MB, SMS O/N free , 106 local , 80 national . 30
STV 109 (3G chota vidayarhi) 109 Freebies:  Own N/w, 34 Local Min, 26 STD Min,30 min Video Call , 110 MB, SMS O/N free , 34 local , 26 national . 10
STV 17 ( ONE for All) 17 Plan conversion 90
STV 48 (ONE for All) 48 Plan conversion , free 30 local min  , 30 STD Min 90 
STV 22 (Pay per Min) 22 Plan conversion 90
STV 53 (Pay per Min) 53 Plan conversion , free 30 local min  , 30 STD Min 90 
STV 14(Pay per second) 14 Plan conversion 30
STV 45(Pay per second) 45 Plan conversion , 90
STV 16 (All in one paisa) 16 Plan conversion 30 
STV 43 (All in one paisa) 43 Plan conversion 90
STV 121 121 unlimted calls to MTNL Delhi GSM network 30

-The Prepaid STVs - STV 343, STV 135, STV 299, STV 55, STV 224, STV 399, Friends & Family (Subscription based) and STV 169 are closed for new activation w.e.f. 23.05.2018.  

-All existing SMS (either Local or STD) in subscriber a/c will be used for Local as well as STD SMS.

-186 SMS (106 Local + 80 STD) being credited to the subscriber a/c on Vidyarthi coupon recharge can
 be used for Local and STD SMS.

- SMS received in subscriber account from all sources (e.g. new activations, FRC recharge, Coupon recharge)
can be used for Local and STD SMS, irrespective of the type i.e. Local or STD SMS

*Other Terms and conditions of Roaming Free STV as per Plan RFP-FR(Prepaid) 

Recharging of Paper Coupon to be done with same Mobile Number on which Tariff has to be modified.

Note:JNU, TAC and CAPF vouchers are applicable only to J.L. Nehru University connections,Tariff
Advisory Committee Members connections and Central Armed Paramilitary Forces connections respectively.

1. To recharge Paper coupon STV while in Home Network (Delhi/NCR):
         Dial *444*16-digit-PIN#  from prepaid mobile Number on which recharge is to be done.
         Dial 444 from prepaid mobile Number on which recharge to be done and follow the IVR instructions
         Write "SCR 16-digit-PIN" in write message box and send to 444
         Visit MTNL Delhi Website Prepaid SelfCare WebPage
         http://trumpcare.mtnldelhi.in /webselfcare/faces/login.jspx
2. To Recharge Paper coupon STV while roaming: 
           Dial *444*16-digit-PIN#    from prepaid mobile Number on which recharge is to be done
           Write "SCR 16-digit-PIN" in write message box and send to 444
           Visit MTNL Delhi Website Prepaid SelfCare WebPage: 
          http://trumpcare.mtnldelhi.i n/webselfcare/faces/login.jspx
3.  To know your current STV and Freebies available in your a/c:
          Dial *444# [choose Menu option-4 then sub option-2 and follow instructions]
          Write "STVINFO" in write message box and send to 444 [For all feature available through SMS, may write "HELP" in write message box and send to 444] 
          Visit MTNL Delhi Website SelfCare WebPage: 
          http://trumpcare.mtnldelhi.i n/webselfcare/faces/login.jspx
4. To Recharge from existing balance in customer mobile account (STV/Data/Validity Coupon below Rs 100 MRP can be recharge using this option):
         Dial *444#  [choose Menu option 4 then sub option 1 and follow instructions]  from prepaid mobile Number on which recharge to be done
         Write "SUB RCHxx" in write message box and send to 444 e.g. SUB RCH4 for Rs 4 Data, SUB RCH14 for RS 14 STV
         Visit MTNL Delhi Website SelfCare WebPage: 
         http://trumpcare.mtnldelhi.in /webselfcare/faces/login.jspx

The Special Tariffs wont be applicable during Roaming