3G Mobile Settings

For accessing data, browsing, you need to have proper data setting. 
APN stands for Access Point Name. Having right APN is the first and foremost requirement for right setting.

MTNL launches common Access Point Name (APN) mtnl.net  All customers now only require single APN setting to enjoy Internet & WAP

 3G Settings for MOBILE PHONE

 Profile Name - MTNL3G

 APN             - mtnl.net

 Username    - mtnl

 Password     - mtnl123

 Proxy          - null

 Port             - null

3G Settings for DATA CARD

Profile Name - MTNL3G

 APN            -  mtnl.net

 Username   - mtnl

 Password    - mtnl123

Authentication (if option available in Data Card)-None

 For further information and setting, please call at 1503.

3G Setting through OTA

3G Settings through SMS

Send SMS:- <Make of Handset> <Model No.> to 58354

For example:- NOKIA N95 to 58354