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      3G is stimulant that makes you frenzy with whole world of internet and other services experience. Be it Live Matches, News, Live Streaming of video/music or online gaming. 3G give you instigative speed and encouragement to explore more.

      Technically, 3G in Mobile communication refers to 3rd generation mobile telephony which supports video calls, high speed internet, live streaming like facilities.

3G possibilities

Video Calls

Video calling is the first big thing that you will experience on 3G. Video calls means; you can see your friend/family member laughing chanting and can capture every moment of expression of some one who matters to you. And all this in real time! It supports real time image to other party however, clarity and continuity depend on some factors like quality of Mobile device, location of user, network condition etc.

High Speed Internet & better experience to social networking

High Speed Internet is the next big thing which revolutionaries your browsing experience. No more breaks/buffering and unavoidable wait of desired screen. A fantabulous speed which will help you in sharing your thoughts/pictures/albums/videos in the way never experienced in 2G. High speed internet means, even those transactions can be done which need speed for processing of error free requests like banking services, online ticket booking etc. Though actual speed vary on many factors like handset, location, network capacity, number of simultaneous users in a cell etc.

Video on Demand

You can access online available video resources without buffering from Youtube etc and other subscribed services which provide such videos.

Live TV

You, a cric-crazy, traveling and wants to see the ongoing match. Now don’t say opps.. You can watch* the match that too live and right in your hand with Live TV services. Not just only cricket, but many other channels in the offing.

On line Gaming

3G speed gives you a new experience of gaming through Mobile. If you are a game maniac then 3G is best to you.. it is with you all along.