3G Mobile Prepaid Service

Plan Voucher 141 for Trump (Prepaid) Subscribers



MRP  (in Rs. Incl of GST)



365 days


a) Data

1 GB/  day for 90 days

b) Voice
1) Free on MTNL network (Delhi & Mumbai) for 90 days 2) Free 200 minutes on other network (100 local + 100 STD minutes for 90 days

Other terms and conditions

1) Beyond free minutes only 25 paisa per minute for 90 days 2) Beyond 90 days, calls will be charged at Rs. 0.02/sec. 3) All other terms and conditions will be as per MTNL Delhi Jeevansathi Plan 225 (JS)

Sl. No.  Plan Name PLAN 25 PLAN 49
   Unique Reference Number MTNL/DL/GSM/19 MTNL/DL/GSM/15
1 One Time charge, if any  Rs.25/- Rs. 49/-
2 Free calls/SMS/data (valid for intial 30 days)  Rs.10 talk time, 100 local MTNL , 50 MB data 60 local + 20 STD minutes
3 SIM / Account Validity 365 days 365 days
4 Tariff Validity (initial /promotional / base) 365 days 180 days
5 Pulse rate Per second Per second
6 Call charges (initial /promotional / base, if any) Nil Nil
a. Local (Home Network) Mobile on net 0.5p/sec 0.5p/sec
Mobile off net 1p/sec 1p/sec
Fixed Line 1p/sec 1p/sec
b. STD (Home Network) Mobile on net 6p / 5 sec 0.5p/sec
Mobile off net 6p / 5 sec 1p/sec
Fixed Line 6p / 5 sec 1p/sec
c. ISD   Standard ISD rates applicable 
d SMS  Local Rs. 0.50/SMS Rs. 0.50/SMS
National Re. 1.00/SMS Re. 0.50/SMS
International Rs. 2.50/Rs.5 /SMS Rs. 2.50/Rs.5 /SMS
7 Data Home 2p/10 KB 2p/10 KB
Roaming 2p/10 KB 2p/10 KB
8 Call Charges while National Roaming Local Outgoing 80 p/min 80p/min
STD outgoing Rs. 1.15/min Rs. 1.15/min
Incoming Free Free
SMS (L/N) 25p/38p 25p/38p

The Prepaid Plan 123, Plan 124, Plan 127, Plan 128, Plan 249, Jodi Plan, Plan 1099 are closed for new subscriber/ activation w.e.f. 24.04.2018

--To be given directly by Pyro on FRC

--SIM Card will be issued on deposit of Rs. 10/- each as security deposit, which will be
refunded in form of RCV or E-TOPUP to the extent of activation done by distributor.

Tariff as mentioned above in the plan voucher shall be applicable until the tariff validity expires
or recharging of another STV whichever is earlier. Hence, caution be exercised while recharging
with STV.

Terms & Conditions: 

Note: As per the TRAI's Regulations following Terms & Conditions are followed with respect to Starter Kit -

 The Starter Kit validity will be 7 days.
 As per the TRAI Regulations, no monetary value and no tariff/plan is to be provided in the Starter Kit.
 After purchasing the Starter Kit the customer has to recharge with the /STV/Plan Voucher/Topups of
 various denominations to get the monetary value.
 Time is measured and resolved to the nearest second.
 Data is measured and resolved to nearest byte.
 Standard rounding rules are followed while calculating charges.