We at MTNL, has always been committed to provide best of the telecom experience to our valued customers through our various collaborations across globe. MTNL roaming on its GSM Cellular Mobile Services Trump/Dolphin is available in more than 175 countries via more than 350 service operators worldwide. While roaming in India, MTNL provide one of among most exhaustive coverage in collaboration with BSNL. Even while roaming in far-flung areas, you will feel always connected to network.


TRUMP Pre-paid connection entitles you to enjoy the seamless roaming nationwide with BSNL, which means
you can receive and make outgoing calls and also receive and send SMS with convenience from the roaming location. Prepaid connection comes to you with pre-activated roaming facility which means there are no hassles of any process to be followed in order to activate your roaming.

Free Roaming facility between MTNL Delhi & Mumbai for GSM subscribers w.e.f 26.01.2014     

 1.       Free incoming facility will be available while roaming in MTNL network (Delhi and Mumbai LSA). The facility will be applicable both for prepaid and postpaid subscribers and for calls from all operators.

2.       Tariff of outgoing calls/SMS/data, while in roaming area, will continue as existing.  

Roaming Tariff

International Roaming Tariff

Click here for tariff (only for Dolphin (Postpaid GSM) subscribers)

(International Roaming charges may vary due to International currency rate fluctuations.)

IR Countries

Roaming Countries

The roaming countries are divided in two categories viz Zone 1 & Zone 2, which have different set of rules to avail roaming facilities.

  • List of Zone 1 Countries
  • List of Zone 2 Countries
  • Countries where GPRS roaming available are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Cote de Ivory, El Salvador, Fiji, Gabon, Guam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Macau, Malaysia, Mauritius, Maldives, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, PNG, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, USA, Uzbekistan, Vietnam
  • Countries where 3G roaming is available are Armenia, Belgium, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Panama, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Uzbekistan


  • Roaming Zone: It is utmost imprtant to know the zone in which you are going to roam. If you are going to roam in zone 1 countries, no seeting needed apart from just activating IR. There are few countries in which roaming is possible only through Zone 2 facilitation, in these cases, settting of zone 2 is must to take. If the country you visiting lies i both Zone 1 and Zone 2 then roaming can be availed by either of the ways. Also it is advisable to get the operators lists of visiting cuntries that have roaming arrnagments with MTNL.
  • Get setting done as per zone: For details visit Settings for IR.
  • If you are roaming in only 3G roaming countries like Hongkong, Japan & Korea use 3G enabled hadsets.
  • When moving from one country to another: Setting change is required if you were in a zone 1 country and next country to be visited is in zone 2 country or vice versa. No change in setting is required if both the countries lies in either zone 1 or zone 2.
  • When Returning to India: Setting change is required only if you had selected zone 2 while in visiting country. In this case, change setting to zone 1.

IR Settings

International Roaming Settings

Zone 1 Countries - In such countries, no change in setting needs to be done.IR must be available automatically after following steps -

Menu ==> Roaming ==> Zone 1

Zone 2 Countries setting steps for IR

Step 1 :

1.1 Go to main Menu Or Applications

1.2 Select Dolphin

1.3 Select Roaming

1.4 Select Zone 2

1.5 Sim card update starts..................

1.6 Press OK

1.7 Sim info changed, update your sim card..............

1.8 Press Yes

1.9 Updating Sim card..............

1.10 Dolphin Menu displays on screen

Press Back............

The roaming network will come on your mobile handset screen & signal bars displayed and you start getting roaming facility.

If roaming network is not available at this moment then follow step 2 -

Step 2 :

2.1 Go to main Menu Or Connections

2.2 Select Settings

2.3 Select Phone Settings or select network

2.4 Select Network Selection

2.5 Select Manual

2.6 Searching..................Wait for some time and you will get the list of all available networks in that country

2.7 Select our Roaming Network partner **

** Please contact our customer care center to know the list of our roaming network partners in different countries prior to going abroad.

At this stage you will definitely get our roaming partner's Network & your roaming facility starts working.

If you got the Network using procedure of Step 2 then you must follow Step 3 at that time only.

Step 3 :

3.1 Go to main Menu

3.2 Select Settings

3.3 Select Phone Settings

3.4 Select Network Selection

3.5 Select Automatic

3.6 Automatic Mode Selected

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