Entertainment Unlimited

Now watch your favorite television programs on your mobile .with MTNL Mobile TV. With more than fifty channels from genres like news, music, sports, movies, cartoons and more get ready to have more fun on your smartphone

How to Subscribe

01. SMS SUB to 52628
Acknowledgement message will be sent to you within 48 hrs followed by another confirmation message with NexGTv url and user name / password details

02.Change the APN settings of your phone as explained under the tab “APN Settings”


03.Open the URL and enter user name and password.
You may now browse through various categories and subscribe to the package of your choice


APN Settings

APN Settings





Choose your handset brand for a detailed APN setting procedure


Access Point Name (APN) Settings for:


Go to Menu > Settings > Connectivity Settings > Destinations > Internet > Options > New access point

Connection name- nexgtv

Data bearer- Packet data

Access point name- mobiletv

Username- mtnl

Prompt password- No

Password- mtnl


Options > Advanced > Settings

Proxy IP:

Port No.: 9401

Go to web Press > Option > Select Settings > Select General > Select the Access Point as nexgtv as default.

Whenever you want to access nexgtv you click on your Web browser & write in your mobile; ask the Connecting Via “nexgtv” will be visible to you and clicking on it will lead you to the Welcome page.


Go to Application > Select Real Player > Select Options > Select Settings > Select streaming > Select Network > Set nexgtv as Default access point.


Access Point Name (APN) Settings for:


Go to Menu Settings Application Settings Internet Internet Profile Create

Set Name-nexgtv

Bearer type- Packet data

Access Name- mobiletv

Username: mtnl

Password: mtnl

Auth type- Normal

Proxy IP:

Port No.: 9401

Save and select “nexgtv”.


Go to Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Media Player > VOD Settings > Select nexgtv.

Sony Ericsson

Access Point Name (APN) Settings for:


Menu > Tools > Connections Manager > More > Settings > Internet Accounts > New Account Type of account: data

Keys in the following:

Account name: nexgtv

Address: mobiletv

Uncheck Select User name and password required: No

User name: mtnl

Password: mtnl

More TCP/IP Tab: Get IP address automatically and Get DNS address automatically

Proxy Tab: Check the option :Use proxy server

Proxy IP:

Port No.: 9401

Login tab: Check Enable PPP extensions.

Authentication: None Done and save it.

Go to Groups Internet Connection Priority Tap nexgtv Select priority 1.


Choose Main Menu > Choose Settings > Choose Phone > Choose Application Settings > Choose Media Player > Choose Streaming > Choose Network

Change the default Access Point to nexgtv.

Channel List



Business & News





Info & Lifestyle


Video on Demand

Reality Shows:




Regional movies


Gold Pack

Watch all the 52 channels by subscribing to the Gold Pack 

Rs 99 / month

Rs 35 / week

Rs 8 / day

Video On Demand

Watch unmatched VOD content at unmatched prices 

Rs 25 / month

Rs 5 and Rs 10 / day

Single Channel Subscription

Pay only for the channels you prefer. 16 channels available for individual subscriptions 

Rs 40 / month

Rs 20 / week

Rs 8 / day


Available channels for “Single Channel Subscription”


I Want to Use Mobile TV Service on my Handset. What do I need to do?


  • Type a message SUB and send it to 52628 An acknowledgement message will be sent to you informing that the service will be activated within 48 hrs Once activated, you will receive a confirmation message with the URL details, user name and password
  • Change the APN settings for your phone.
  • Open the WAP link sent on the confirmation SMS and enter user name and password
  • On the WAP portal, choose the package and subscribe for the same by clicking on the subscribe tab


How to the Un-subscribe the service?


  • Type a message UNSUB and send it to 52628
  • An acknowledgment message will be sent to you informing that the service will be deactivated in 48 hrs
  • Once de-activated, you will get a confirmation message stating that the service has been de activated


How long will it take to receive the URL details on the confirmation message after subscription?

Maximum duration would be 48 hrs

Is NexGTv available through WAP browser or through a Client Application?

Currently NexGTv is available through WAP Browser. Client application based NexGTv service would be launched very soon

Is NexGTv available only for 3G subscribers or it can be used by 2G subscribers as well?

It is available for both 2G as well as 3G subscribers

Are there any data charges along with subscription charges?

No, there are no data charges for the NexGTv service

I am trying to access the WAP link but it does not work, why?

You need to change the APN setting of your phone in order to open the NexGTv link. In order to find out the APN please visit the How to Configure page

How would I know if the GPRS (3G) Connection is established or not?

Typically you would see a “3G” symbol on the right hand corner of your screen. You will see a consistent signal once a GPRS Connection is established; otherwise the signal would not be stable.

GPRS Link got lost while I was trying to access the WAP link, what should I do?

You may try it after some time once a stable GPRS connection is established

I have a WAP plan. Can I use NexGTV?

Yes, you can use NexGTv.

Have a prepaid connection. Can I activate NexGTv?

Yes, you can activate NexGTv provided you have enough balance to subscribe for the service.

In case of prepaid can I activate monthly plan?

Monthly Plan can be activated for prepaid customers also but only if you have enough balance to subscribe to the service

I am registered for NexGTv, can I access the service from any other handset?

Since the current NexGTv service is browser based, you can access it using the same user name and password, provided the handset has a GPRS connection

Where do I get to choose the different types of Subscription Packages available for NexGTv Application?

Once you open the URL for NexGTv service (sent in the confirmation message) you will be directed to the home screen where various channels and on demand content would be listed. Clicking on any of these, would take you to the subscription page where you can choose any of the available pricing plans

What would I get if I choose a Monthly Subscription Package?


  • In case of Gold Pack, you will get access to all 52 channels for 30 days
  • In case of Single Channel Subscription you will get access to the channels that you select for a period of 30 Days. Only 16 channels out of the total bouquet of 52 channels are available for single channel subscription


What does a Per Channel Subscription mean?

This subscription allows you to view any one channel either for a day, week or month based on the plan you choose

I have subscribed for Pay per Day package; can I subscribe another pay per day package?

Yes, you can subscribe to any number of Pay per Day packages

I am trying to subscribe to a package. How long would it take to activate the subscription?

The subscription would be activated instantaneously

What are the charges that apply while I am roaming?

Contact your Customer care for the charges cost.

I am registered for Monthly Package, how can I change to Per Day Package and vice versa?

Step 1: Unsubscribe from the current plan

  • MTNL Delhi Customers: Type a message UNSUB and send it to 52628
  • An acknowledgment message will be sent to you informing that the service will be deactivated in 48 hrs
  • Once de-activated, you will get a confirmation message stating that the service has been de activated

Step 2: Login to the NexGTv url and subscribe to a package of your choice