Mrs. Sudesh GROVER B-38/2 Prashant Vihar, Rohini, Delhi- 85 Tel : 27556470, 27867474 --
R.P. Chawla A11c/99 Janakpuri, N.D-58 Tel : 25073770, 25612326
Sukriti Information Systems Pvt. Ltd, J 95,Vikas Puri, N.D-18 Tel : 25502626, 25525174
Geeta Jain G 19 Shyam Nagar,N.D-18 Tel: 25429249,9865112466 --
Shiv Ratan   Bhuka,Shiva Telecom,2612 Naya Bazar,1st floor Delhi-06 Tel : 23975941,23986548
Mrs. Shashi Sharma 3209 Moh- Dassan ,HauzQuzi Delhi-06 Tel :23921490
Raghber Singh Malik,Flat No. 66 Pocket 7,Sec 2, Rohini, Delhi-85 Tel :27277092 --
Krishan Kumar LB-24A      Tolstoy house, Tolstoy Marg, Connaught Place,N.D-01 Tel :23752093
Internet Business Systems, Rashmi Gulati, Flat No. 60, Bhagat Singh Market,N.D-01 Tel : 23363250,23345936
Jawahar Bhatia IX/2185 st. no 8,Kailash Nagar Delhi-31 Tel : 22452084,9811052135 --

Important Tips
    • Handle your telephone instrument carefully. Protect it from dust, moisture and electricity.
    • For any Service on telephone related matters, contact your Divisional Customer Service Centre.
    • In case your telephone goes out of order, register your complaint at 198/xxx2198 (xxx denotes three digit level of the telephone exchange to which the faulty number belongs).
    • In case your telephone number remains out of order for more than 7 days, you get rent rebate automatically.
    • Know and remember your bill cycle date. Kindly make payment before the pay by date to avoid surcharge and disconnection.
    • In case you do not receive your telephone bill within 10 days from your bill cycle date, kindly collect the duplicate copy of the same from any of our major Customer Service Centres.
    • To avoid hassles associated with bills lost in transit, regular visits to bill payment counters and payment of surcharge, subscribe to Voluntary Deposit Scheme, Electronic Clearing Scheme or Credit Card Scheme for bill payment.
    • If you are having STD/ISD facility, kindly use Dynamic STD control facility which is provided free of cost to avoid any misuse.
    • Subscribe to Caller Line Identification facility to know "who is calling you ". The facility is available at nominal cost in selected telephone exchanges.