What is IPTV service?

TV service which is delivered using IP (Internet Protocol) technology - this is the same Technology, which is used in Internet Services. In this service the TV channels are Encoded in IP format and delivered to TV through a Set Top Box. The IP TV Service Also includes Video on Demand Service which is similar to watching Video CDs / DVDs Using a VCD/DVD player. Movies, Instructional Videos and other content shall be Available to customers in the IP TV Services.

How this service functions:

The three main components in delivering this service are -  
  TV and Content Head End - where the TV channels are received and   Encoded. Also other content (Video's) are stored at Head End. MTNL has   Signed agreement for this with M/s AOL.  Delivery network - which is MTNL's Broadband network and MTNL's   Telephone line. (Landline).  Set Top Box - The Set Top Box is required at the customer location for   Converting the IP signal back to TV signal. The STB shall be connected  Between MTNL Broadband Modem and customer's TV.

  Who shall be providing the Set Top Box?

 M/s AOL shall provide the STB.

What services shall be available: 

Bouquet of TV channels and Video on Demand services shall be available initiallyDuring trials. Other services / content shall be introduced progressively.

Whether customer shall be able to use normal telephone and Internet service

 Along with IP TV Service -
Yes, all the three services can work together -
    - Normal Telephone service
    - Broadband Internet service
     - IPTV service