Q. How to get call details?

Ans. Subscribers can get full call details by applying in writing at nearest Sanchar Haat. The complete call details will be mailed to subscriber with the Invoice from next month onwards. The subscriber will be charged nominal monthly charges for Call details.

Q.What is the rate of Service Tax applicable under various tariff Plans?
Ans. The Service Tax being charged is in various Tariff Plans of GARUDA Service is 10.30%.

Q. How to make STD/ISD CALL?
Ans. You need to dial the desired number with the STD/ISD code and press e.g. 022 24132599 or 011 56789000 . This service will only be available if you have subscribed for it. 

Q. What is VOICE MAIL Service?

Ans. At MTNL, we believe that you should get the best out of everything. That�s why we strive to make your life real cool and easy. No matter where you whisk, you are still contactable from anywhere. Even if you don�t take your call. That�s right Garuda offers you Voice Mail, a private secretary who listens to your incoming calls and stores the messages left by the caller so that you can call them back later.  

Q. How to use Voice Mail Service?
To divert the calls to your voice mailbox dial *114111 and press . All the Incoming calls will be diverted to your voice mailbox. To cancel the call diversion to voice mail dial *115.
To retrieve messages from your voicemail Dial *222 and press from your GARUDA Mobile/Fixed Wireless and follow the system instructions. 
System will give you following main menu instructions:-

To listen dial 1 (Use this option to listen all the incoming Voice mails)
2)      To Send dial 2 (Use this option to send voicemail messages to any number. The number should be entered as 0 followed by DN followed by #). For example, if you wish to send voice mail message to 22221502 then dial 022221502#)
3)      To modify dial 3. (Use this option to modify settings of your voice mail)

Under this menu you will get following sub menus:-

A) Mailing list dial 3 (Use this option to modify/add/delete your mailing list)
            Under this menu you will get following sub menus:-

A-1) To modify dial 1

A-2) To create dial 2

A-3) Delete dial 3

A-4) Pause 7

A-5) Help 8

B) Setup dial 4

Under this menu you will get following sub menus:-

B-1) Greeting dial 1 (Use this option to record/edit your greeting)

B-2) Voice signature dial 2

B-3) Password dial 4 (Use this option to add password to your voice mail box, so that anybody else may not access your messages)

B-4) Pause 7

B-5) Help 8

4)      To help dial 8 (Use this option to get assistance regarding voicemail menus)

Q. How to get Duplicate bills?
Ans. Duplicate Bills indicating the bill amount and complete usage details can be obtained from the nearest Sanchar Haat. Details of the outstanding bills can also be known by calling 1502 (from MTNL Network) / 22221502 (from other Networks). The Duplicate bills of previous three months may also be downloaded from MTNL website http://mtnldelhi.in or http://bol.net.in and clicking the New CDMA bills link.

Q. What is the payment procedure for the bills?
Ans.  Garuda bills should be paid by customers before the "due date", (generally 25th or 26th day of the month), in cash at MTNL's NCR counters or by Cheque in favour of �MTNL- New Garuda� payable at Delhi. The subscribers Account number, Garuda number and Contact number should be written at the back of the Cheque.
The bills may be paid within two weeks of due date with surcharge to avoid Suspension of services. 

Q. What to do if I did not receive printed bills? OR     How to get billing address changed?
Verify from our Customer Care Executive (CCE) that billing has taken place and your billing Address is right in our billing system, by calling at 1502/22221502. If address is wrong visit the nearest Sanchaar Haat with copy of address proof and written request of address change. 

Q. What to do if I am not satisfied with billing? OR      How to get resolve excess billing

Though utmost care is taken at our end in billing and MTNL uses automated and state-of-the-art system for billing. And hence the chances of excess billing are negligible.
Still, we are obliged to assist our customers in clearing their doubts w.r.t billing. You may call our Helpdesk at 1502/22221502 and know specific details of your bill.If you still have any doubts with respect to billing you may lodge Trouble Ticket of Excess billing, which will be looked after by our officers [SDE(MRC) and AO(TR)] and responded at the earliest. 

Q. Can I transfer my Garuda Mobile/Fixed Wireless connection transferred in the name of Third Party?
No, Third Party transfer is not possible in Garuda.

Q. How can I get my Tariff Package Changed?
MTNL offers a number of attractive Tariff Packages both in Mobile and Fixed Wireless(FWP/FWT), so that the customer has wider choice. Thus, you can choose the Tariff Package you desire and call 1502(from MTNL Network)/22221502 (from other Network) for getting your Tariff Package Changed. Our Customer Care Executive (CCE) will book your request for Tariff Package Change in the system and will give you the Ticket number. Your new tariff package will come in force from next billing cycle (i.e. 1st of next month). You can confirm that change has actually taken place by calling 1502/22221502 on 2nd of the next month.

Q. What to do in case my payment of bill is not updated in MTNL�s billing system?
Ans. It is advised that the customer should generally check the status of payment made by them, 2-3 hours after making the payment in cash at NCR Counter and 2-3 working days after making the payment through cheque.In case the payment is not updated you may book at Trouble Ticket with Garuda Helpdesk 1502/22221502. This will be responded by our AO(TR)CDMA at the earliest.If urgent you may as well walk in to O/o AO (NCR) of the place where you made payment and get your services restored by showing original proof of payment. 

Q. How to get refund of security?
The security (Local/STD/ISD whatsoever) deposited by the subscriber is refunded/settled in the Final bill sent to subscriber after the disconnection. The Final bill is generally generated on the last day of the month in which the disconnection took place. And the cheque of refunded security is dispatched the subsequent month.

Q. What to do for Activation or Disconnection of STD or STD+ISD? 
Go to your Area Sanchar Haat alongwith one application, self attested last paid Garuda bills copy & Photocopy of Identity proof along with original OR Photocopy of Identity proof attested by Gazetted officer. You will be required to make payment of Rs. 1000/- for STD and Rs. 4000/- for STD+ISD.