Phone Plus Services
(a) Free of Charge
1) Call Alert (Call waiting)
The Facility lets you receive another call on your telephone even when you are already in conversation. You are alerted by short duration pip-pip tones when you are busy talking, indicating that another call is waiting for you, providing you have activated this facility. You can talk to any one of the parties keeping the other waiting. Complete secrecy between the two callers is maintained.
2) Wake -up / Reminder call
This facility enables you to get reminder/ wake up calls at a pre- determined time.
3) Dynamic STD/ISD Control :
This facility provides you total control over all your outgoing calls. You can yourself lock / unlock your STD / ISD on your telephone using a four digit secret code. Since locking is done electronically and secret code is known only to you, it provides full safeguard against misuse by others. This service is available in all electronic exchanges. .

(b) PAID SERVICE at a nominal charge of Rs. 20/- per service per month. Apply at divisional Customer Service Centre on a plain paper.
1. Hotline :
This facility providing you an instant connection to any one pre- determined number chosen by you.
2. Call Forwarding / Transfer :
This facility allows you to transfer incoming calls on you telephone to any other telephone to any other telephone number chosen by you. Thus you can move out and yet not miss any important call.
3. Abbreviated Dialing :
This facility is ideal for converting most frequently dialed local/ STD /ISD numbers into 1 or 2 digits. A maximum of 20 numbers can be programmed into abbreviated numbers.
Note : For details contact your divisional Service Centre and in case of difficulty (After provisional of services) contact DE (Indoor) of your exchange.

Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN)

Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) as the name implies, is a state of the art Public Switched digital network. On a telephone line form this network, subscribers can send receive in digital form voice, data or image or a combination thereof from their premises.

Advantages of an ISDN Line :
Video conferencing @ 128/384 kbps.
High speed data transmission @ 128 kbps.
High quality noise-less speech, as the signals are digital from the premises
G4 fax service @ 64 kbps with transmission time reduced to one-sixth and hence corresponding reduction in call charges.
Two independent simultaneous calls on the same
Salient tariff:
Registration charges - Rs. 3,000/- Monthly rental for access- Rs1,000/- Minimum usage charges - Rs. 5,000/- per month with no free calls

How to apply :
Apply on a prescribed application form available (for Rs. 10/-) at area Customer Service Centre located at Ground Floor, Khurshid Lal Bhawan , New Delhi- 110050 Telephone: 23722123.
Whom to contact : in case of any difficulty, please contact Commercial Officer (ISDN), 576, Khurshid Lal Bhawan, New Delhi -110050, Telephone : 23722123