Area Customer Service Centre

Commercial officer of Area
  • Inter exchange and all India shifts of telephones

  • Transfer/change of name

  • Disconnection/reconnection under safe custody beyond 90 days

  • Adjustment/refund of temporary/casual connections

  • Restoration of telephones close under non-paymentCustomer Service

  • Change in name/address/category subsequent to registration but before release of connections

  • Cancellation of registration

At NCR Counter
  • Issue of duplicate bills and split up bills
  • Payment of bills
  • Excess metering and other bill complaints
  • Internet PCOs
At Sanchar Haat
  • Sale of VCC cards
  • Sale of CD ROM directory

Sub Area Customer Service Centre

  • Local shift
  • Disconnection under safe custody uptil 90 days
  • Payment of bills
  • Sale of forms for new telephone connection
  • Sale of VCC Cards (At Sanchar Haat)

Divisional Customer Service Centres

  • STD/ISD provision/disconnection. Phone plus facilities/dynamic control facility, telephone instrument, accessories
  • Disconnection/reconnection under safe custody uptil 90 days
  • Local shifts of telephones
  • Change of address for installation of telephone after issue OB within the same exchange area and provision of hunting facility.
  • Sale of VCC cards