Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited. Delhi, strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the key to its success. Hence, it has synergies all its energy to total customer satisfaction by modernizing the services to international level and incorporating state of the art technologies. Today, most of the telephone related problems are solved just by pressing the telephone buttons.

Have a look at the customer friendly services offered by MTNL and take full advantage of them:

Customer Service Centres
For all phone matters, just get in touch with the relevant Customer Service Centre (CSC). The services provided at CSCs are given below: (Addresses are given in Table I at the end.)

Area Customer Service Centres  
(Located at the Headquarters of the Area General Managers)
(Single location for all telephone related matters)
    • Registration for new telephone.
    • Inter exchange and all India shifts of telephones.
    • Transfer/ change of name.
    • Disconnection /reconnection under safe custody beyond 90 days.
    • Adjustment /refund of temporary /casual connections.
    • Restoration of telephones closed under non-payment.
    • Change in name/address/ category subsequent to registration but before release of connections.
    • Cancellation of registration.
    • Issue of duplicate bills and split up bills.
    • Payment of bills.
    • Excess metering and other bill related complaints.
    • Supply of brochures.
Sub area Customer Service Centres
(Located at the Office of the Dy. General Manager (Mtce.) (Outdoor) of the respective division)
    • Local shift.
    • Disconnection/ reconnection under safe custody up to 90 days
    • Issue of duplicate bills.
    • Payment of bills.
    • Sale of registration forms for new telephone connections.
    • Fault booking.
    • Supply of brochures.

Division Customer Service Centres
(Located at the office of the Divisional Engineer (outdoor) of the respective division)

    • STD/ISD provision /disconnection.
    • Phone plus facilities, telephone instrument, accessories disconnection/ reconnection.
    • Disconnection /reconnection under safe custody up to 90 days.
    • Local shifting of telephones, change of address for installation of telephone after issue proof OB within the same exchange area and provision of hunting facility.
    • Fault booking.
    • Supply of brochures.

Mobile Customer Service Centres
With the motto- MTNL at your doorstep 5 mobile vans (Mobile Customer Service Centres) are plying to over 86 locations including far-flung areas of Delhi. They provide the following services.

    • Collecting payment of bills by cheque up to " Pay by date".
    • Sale of application forms for new telephone connections and supply of brochures.