Revised tariff of Casual / Temporary BB and VDSL  Connections

A- ADSL Casual BB connections plan:

Initial Charges:                                                                                             





Broadband Registration, Installation & Activation 

Rs 500/-


Non-refundable Modem charges( normal / wi-fi )

Rs. 1000/-


Installation of Telephone line

Rs. 500/-




( 1 )  a. Charges for 1 Mbps/ 512 Kbps BB casual connection for minimum 3    days Rs. 1200/-

         b.  For each additional day                                                     - Rs. 500/- per day


( 2 )   a.  Charges for 2 Mbps/ upto 1Mbps BB casual connection for minimum  3 days Rs. 2000/-

         b. For each additional day                                                      - Rs. 800/- per day


 (3)   a. Charges for 4 Mbps / upto 1Mbps BB casual connection for minimum 3 days - Rs. 3500/- 
b.  For each additional day                                                      - Rs. 1200/- per day

B: VDSL Casual BB Connection Plans  

INITIAL CHARGES (Including Registration, installation, testing, activation and non refundable modem charges                                                                     - Rs.  5000/-

(a) Charges for 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps down load and  up to 4 Mbps up load speed BB casual  connection for minimum 3 days                                                                         - Rs. 8000/-

 (b) For each additional day                                          - Rs. 3000/- per day

Terms & Conditions.

-  All the payment will be taken in advance.

-  Date of opening will be counted as day one.

-  Activation time will be specified by the customer.

Modem will be provided by MTNL in all cases and will be recovered after deactivation of connection.

One recoverable telephone instrument will be provided with incoming facility only.

-  Customer can make out going call by using VCC cards.

-  Connection will be provided subject to technical feasibility and availability only.

-  VDSL casual connection will be provided up to 1.5 Km loop distance.

The scheme is w.e.f 25.04.2011.