Extension of validity of prepaid Broadband connection if it goes faulty

         Prepaid Tariff Plans    

         Limited Usage Postpaid Tariff Plans  

           Unlimited Usage Postpaid Tariff Plans  

           Tariff Plans for customers opting for only broadband service w.e.f 28/11/2015   

         Tariff for High Speed INTERNET

         Tariff for Broadband on FTTH (Fibre to Home) 

          Tariff for  Temporary BroadBand Plans

         Tariff of VDSL Combo 4999(closed  for new Booking ) and  “VDSL Combo 2490”  for VDSL Broadband

         Tariff of Casual / Temporary BB and VDSL Connections
          Tariff for CPE 

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           Modification in damaged charges for Modem / components

         Broadband Old Tariff Plans closed for New Booking  

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