Prepaid Tariff Plans(Closed Plans) 

       Postpaid Tariff Plans 

      Launch of Hungama on demand digital Entertainment Services tariff Plan  

      Charges for IPV6 IP Pool (/64)

 @ Rs.1100 annually for existing broadband/ Leased line users opting IPV6. A request for IPV6 IP from interested broadband user is to be given to SDE(ADSL)/DE(ADSL) or 1500 through mail. Other terms & conditions will remain the same.

       Extension of validity of prepaid Broadband connection if it goes faulty  

        Tariff Plans for customers opting for only broadband service w.e.f 28/11/2015   

       Tariff for High Speed INTERNET

       Tariff for Broadband on FTTH (Fibre to Home) 

       Tariff for  Temporary BroadBand Plans

       Tariff of VDSL Combo 4999(closed  for new Booking ) and  “VDSL Combo 2490”  for VDSL Broadband

       Tariff of Casual / Temporary BB and VDSL Connections
      Tariff for CPE 

       Tariff Plan for Wi-Fi Hot Spot services among Govt./Enterprise customers over MTNL own Network w.e.f. 12.02.2018

       Commercial Info

        Modification in damaged charges for Modem / components

       Broadband Old Tariff Plans closed for New Booking  

       Do's & Dont's

      Test your speed