New VoIP Plans for Call Centers / Bulk Users


1.   New tariff for bulk users:    

a) Rates of calls to international PSTN/Mobile will be same as per existing tariff.  Rental of  VoIP will remain as before.

b) ATA lifetime service charges will be Nil if bulk user takes recharge coupons worth Rs. 10,000/- initially per VoIP connection.  ATA lifetime service charges will be Rs. 999/- if bulk user takes recharge coupons worth Rs. 5,000/-  initially per VoIP connection.

c)  In case of multiple VoIP connection against one Broadband connection,  limited to 20 VoIP connections without any advance deposit towards services charges.  However, the registration/installation and monthly service charges for each VOIP connections will be charged as per plan.  If subscriber terminates any VoIP connection before one year refund will be on quarterly basis.

2.   New Tariff for Call Centers:

      a) Service charges of VoIP connection at Call Center will be Rs. 100/- per month with no SIP to  SIP usage.

          b) Rates of calls to international PSTN / Mobile will be as follows:

         US / Canada mobile & landline             - 65 paise  per min.

          UK landline                                     - 65 paise  per min.

    Australia landline                               -75 paise  per min.     

          UK / Australia mobile                         - Rs. 8/- per min.

    The pulse for above countries / operators will be of 6/6 seconds.  This is in line with the prevailing competition in the market. Access will be allowed only for the above countries.

       c) Per Recharge (Rs. )                    Discount in Bonus Talktime

               30,000                                                        5%

             1,00,000                                                       8%

             1,50,000                                                     10%

       d) In case of multiple VoIP connections on one broadband slab benefit will be calculated taking into account total usage of all VoIP connections on that broadband.

        e)   Maximum of 20 VoIP connections will be allowed per broadband connection.