How to get Connection and Information
  1. Call to MTNL call center 1500/22221500. You will have to indicate the MTNL land line Telephone No on which Broadband Service is required and also have to indicate the CA No.
  2. Send a request through MTNL website at URL  
               or e-mail to  
  3. Alternatively can also visit MTNL designate Area Customer Service Centers/ Sanchar Haat of the concerned area and fill the Broadband/ADSL Connection Subscription Form.
  4. To apply for the services, no payments to be made at the time of booking.
  5. Based on your request an MTNL official/ MTNL DSA will come to your premises, get the form filled and signed. The form can also be downloaded from MTNL website URL or can be collected from designated Customer Service Centers/ Sanchar Haat.
  6. MTNL will provide the Broadband services within 15 days of apply of broadband connection based on the technical feasibility. In case of non-availability of service in the particular area/ wire Centre/Telephone Exchange, waiting list will be maintained.
  7. The ADSL Modem/Router (CPE) will be installed by MTNL and the account will be opened.  

    Requirements at the your end

    MTNL Landline connection. In case, customer is not having MTNL landline than he has to apply for MTNL landline first &  MTNL broadband connection will be provided .

    Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Requirements

    • CPE (ADSL Modem/Router) recommended for a single PC which requires a USB port in your PC. 
    • CPE (ADSL Router) recommended for multiple user on LAN setup which requires a Ethernet port (RJ 45) in your LAN Hub/Switch/PC. 
    • Operating System:- Windows 98 & above and Operating System drivers  
    • PC hardware recommended: RAM (128 MB & above), HDD (Min Free Disk Space 500 MB), USB port for ADSL Modem/Router or LAN card for ADSL Router and CD ROM drive. 
    • In case the PC does not have requisite port, the port is to be got installed by customer at his own cost from PC vendor/ supplier. 
    • If Customer wishes to use his own CPE: Compatible CPEs may be ascertained from  MTNL Call  Centre “1500/22221500” or you can visit MTNL web site

    MTNL shall not be responsible for any complications arising from non compatibility of the CPE Software &Hardware procured from market. Any parallel wiring other than one telephone in the Broadband/ADSL line would lead to reduced download speed & frequent disconnection.  

       List of ADSL2+ CPE Compatible Vendors

S.No Name of the company
1. D Link 502 T
2. Comtrend CT-564
3. Westell A -90-630199-07
4. Zyxel Prestige 660 H -61
5. Erricsson HM410
6. Xavi(7722+)
7. Surecom EP-4704SX
Ordering Information and Queries for Surecom E P-4704SX:
Ace Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd,
B 120 Kalkaji,
Mr. Uday/ Ms. Mercy: 011-26214304, 011-26227054 09350230905
9. M/s Sterlite(model no SAM 100)

Important communication

  1. Username / Login ID  

    MTNL will activate the Broadband Service using Customer’s MTNL Telephone Number digits as Username/Login ID. For example for Broadband Services on Telephone No 22221504, user will be allocated Username/Login ID as 22221504 .

  2. Password 

    The Password given by MTNL would be used for the first time login and thereafter Customer needs to change & customize his Password. 

  3.   E-mail IDs  

    1.For Free E-mail IDs as per Broadband Plan Opted/additional E-Mail IDs as per the requirement stated in Subscription Form, customer can visit the MTNL Web site to create his/her Mail boxes or contact Broadband/ADSL Internet Services Help Desk No 1504/22221504 or, Toll free No is 1600-111-172 or mail us at:

    2.E-mail IDs can be a combination of alphabets & numeric but not starting with a numeric, it MUST NOT include any special character/ symbol either.

  4. LAN infrastructure (Cabling & Ports) up-gradation, reconfiguration 
    would be the customers  responsibility.

  5. IP addresses allocated to customer by MTNL are non-portable & 
    shall continue to remain the exclusive property of MTNL.