Commercial Information 
1. Information in respect of specific  plans:

 1.1 TriB Bphone Combo (500)

  •  One time registration/Installation charges for broadband: nil (under this plan only).

  •  One time modem security (non-refundable) payable as per type of modem. Click for details

  •  Modem installation/testing charges: Rs 100

1.2 TriB PCO 500
  •  One time registration/Installation charges: Rs 200.
  •  One time modem security: nil
  •  Modem installation/testing charges: nil
 1.3  TriB PCO CCC 1000 and CCC 1500
  •  One time registration/Installation charges: Rs 200
  •  One time non refundable security of Modem : Rs.300 (for normal Modem) and Rs.800 (for Wi-Fi) Modem
  •  Modem installation/testing charges: Rs.100
  •  Refundable Security of Rs.1000 and Rs.1500 will be charged for CCC 1000 plan and CCC 1500 plan respectively with telephone bill in 2/3 installments.
1.4 Plans available for MTNL/BSNL/DOT employees in private capacity for their residences.
  •  No initial charges such as registration/Installation charges, modem security charges and modem installation/testing charges will be levied.
  • Monthly service charges for the CPE: Rs 0/70/100 per month as per type of modem. Click for details
  • A separate rent free telephone for broadband internet connection with incoming facility will be provided to Group 'A' & 'B' officers only which may be treats as a private individual connection.
  • As on date, plans available are: TriBRS- 199,399,599,749,1199,2399,749NU,AA & TriB-Unlimited.
2.General commercial Information and important notes.

1.Registration and Activation Charges : Rs 200 (non-refundable)

2.One time CPE Security (non-refundable) : As per type of modem provided. Click for details

3.CPE Installation & Testing charges (non-refundable) : Rs 100

 (The above said charges will be charged in the first phone bill after the installation of the new BroadbandConnection. For specific plans, these charges will be as per 1 above)

4.Broadband shifting charges: Rs 100

5.  Charges for additional E-mail ID with 4 MB Capacity beyond free Email-Ids or increase of E-mail quota from 4 MB to 12 MB: Rs 200 per annum.

6.   Charges for migration from one plan to another: Free. Migration is effected from 1st day of the next month for the requests received & OB issued upto the last day of the current month.

7.   Fixed IP in Broadband plans: Charge of the Fixed IP in all Broadband Plans except Plan TriB UL Data -1899 and above (One IP is free, additional to be charged)@ Rs. 100/- per month or Rs. 1100/- annually as the case may be. 
(Please apply to for this.)

8.   Shifting charges from one telephone to another one working at the same address in the same name: Rs 100

9.Broadband re-connection charges after surrender: To welcome back old subscribers, subscriber who surrendered his broadband connection and wants it back (on the same telephone). Only Rs 300 for reconnection will be charged.

10.Charges for DNP period (if any) : Full Broadband rental and Modem charges upto DNP-1 period (30 days) shall be taken. Port will be utilized after DNP-1 period and the CPE recovered by the Area.

11.Safe custody  :Provision for safe custody of broadband only while landline will remain active. The term & condition for putting only broadband under safe custody are as under
1. Maximum period of under safe custody - Three months
2. Charges during safe custody period - only monthly modem service charges(Rs. 70/- in case of ordinary modem & Rs. 100/- in case of wi-fi modem)
3. RSC charges- Rs.100/- ( to be charged in the bill)
4. After expiry of three months safe custody period, broadband connection will be disconnected permanently and no refund will be given of modem charges taken during safe custody in any case. 
5. Incase of Combo plan, the subs has to opt a landline connection from the available tariff plans otherwise the previous landline plan (if any) prior to conversion to Combo plan will be provided.   The other terms and conditions will remain the sameThe scheme is w.e.f. 02.02.2010.

12.Data Download includes information received in the form of bits in to your computer (via the CPE) such as content of the website page being surfed, email received with/without attachments, text/audio/video content while chatting or online gaming, software updates or downloads, movie/song download etc.
 Click for more details

13.In case a subscriber wants to have his own modem at any time of his connection, the same is permitted without any charge.

14.TriB unlimited plan is not meant for commercial use.

15.For the broadband subscribers opting for additional IPTV service, broadband speed (Upload as well as download) will be restricted to 512Kbps.
16.All existing Landline/BB subscriber having tariff plan are eligible for change to any existing tariff Plan (on offer)
17.Registration/installation charges for NTC: Rs 500 and refundable security of Rs Nil for Local/STD and Rs 2,000 for ISD will be charged in all Combo Plans.