CPE Charges
S.NO Tariff for CPE Type I & III  Modems Type II & IV Modems (wireless)* Subs Owned Modem
1 Initial charges for modem Rs.300 Rs.800 -Nil-
2 Registration and activation charges Rs.200 Rs.200 Rs.200
3 One time Modem Installation & Testing Charges Rs.100 Rs.100 Rs.100
4 Monthly service charges for CPE Rs.70 Rs.100 -Nil-
*Subscribers having average billing of Rs. 2000/- from last six months, WI-FI modem service charges will be Nil for new and existing customers. However, this should be subject to periodic review every year.
*Wi-Fi modems provide more flexibility and enable the subscribers to use more than one Lap-tops/PCs on a single broadband connection without any network devices like switches and cables. Existing subscribers may request for up gradation to Wi-Fi modem. For this, they will be required to pay additional security of Rs 500 and the monthly service charges will be Rs100 instead of Rs70.
Note: For TriB Combo Unlimited -Rs.300/- for types I & III and Rs.800/- for types II & IV. The modem service charges will be extra as applicable depending upon the type of modem.
Damaged charges for Modem / components
Sl. No. Name of item Damage charges (in Rs.)
Ordinary modem (set)
Wi-Fi Modem 
3. RJ-45 cords  30/-
4. USB cord  50/- 
5. Power adapter  100/- 
Note:Modem damaged charges include the accessories cost. Modems return without component will be charged for the missing accessories.Components without modem are NOT returnable.