Provisioning of MTNL Wi-Fi Hot Spot


  1. MTNL Wi-Fi Hotspot will be provided with necessary number of both incoming and outgoing calling facility barred service telephone connections with Wi-Fi CPEs and 2Mbps Service broadband connections, decided on the basis of survey done by IT unit.
  2. The initial deposit charges & monthly service  charge of these landline connections and Broadband connections and other service charges (including CPE charges) etc will not be applicable for the hot spots as these connections are to be treated as service connections.
  3. These MTNL Wi-Fi Hot spots are meant for providing broadband access to the public.
  4. The Broadband service will be on prepaid basis  and will be available through prepaid Broadband coupons of MTNL on the hot-spots

 Other terms and conditions will remain the same.