Retention of Telephone number under Plan 100 (with rental of  Rs. 100/- per month)  

   All the existing MTNL subscribers having any landline / BB /Combo plans working on copper pair are allowed to opt any of the existing MTNL FTTH BB plan through MTNL's own network or through FTTx partner's network.  Retention of the existing number under plan 100 (details given below) is also allowed for such customers.   

Plan name

Monthly service charges

Free calls

Call chargs

Plan -100

Rs. 100/-


Re 1/- per pulse

 Pulse duration  will be as per LL plan -250  

A single bill will be generated for Landline number  on copper pair  and FTTH connection till working of FTTH Connection. If the subs. surrenders FTTH conn. , the LL plan on copper will be migrated to One India plan.  

The initial charges of FTTH plan (one time installation charges, one time testing and commissioning charges of ONT /Wifi device  etc)will be taken from such subs as per FTTH plans