It has been decided to Close  TriB-95 Unlimited Plan.

And further  Launch of High Speed Internet Plan HSI-UL-95 as promotional offer for 90 days, as detailed below:-


  (i)  One time Registration / Installation & Testing charges  (non refundable)          -Rs.300/-.

  (ii) Initial charges for Wi-Fi modem (old/refurbished)                                           -Rs.300/-

  (iii)The above charges will be levied in first two monthly bills.


Plan Name

Download/Upload Speed

Monthly FUP  Data download

Monthly Minimum Service  Charge

No of Free   E-mail ID's   (1 GB)

HSI– UL-95

Upto 8 Mbps

till 10 GB &

 256 Kbps afterward

10 GB





MRP (inclusive GST)

Data Top Up


6 GB


16 GB


Other terms & conditions will remain same.   

The scheme will be implemented w.e.f.20.09.2019 to 18.12.2019